Two American Families

 Two American Families Composition

" Two American Families”

The PBS Frontline documented " Two American Families”, produced by Costs Moyers, employs two middle section class people in Milwaukie, one grayscale one light, for over ten years as they fight to achieve the " American Dream”. This documentary decorative mirrors the have difficulties of a lot of American households who work hard and play by the guidelines, yet fall victim within a struggling economy to a series of policy decisions made. The hand of policy uselessly steered the lives in the two people featured, the Neumann's and Stanley's, irrespective of their diligence ethic and sincere determination to succeed. Many policy effects played a role in the documented, including individuals around education, institutional racism, taxation, international jobs and social security. Other insurance plan implications inside the film that I will go into in more fine detail are lowest wage, health care, the foreclosure crisis, and debt dependency.

Minimum Wage

The most obvious insurance plan implication impacting both family members dramatically is the policy around minimum wage. Minimum salary was first passed in the 1930's after the 1930s when the nation realized that locating a floor on the minimum wage was essential to protecting workers, individuals with significantly less desirable careers. One problem is the federal minimum salary is still a low income level income that simply cannot meet the demands of fluctuation and recurring rise in living costs. As exemplified in both equally case reports, when the economy suffers and unemployment is high, staff are forced to consider low income jobs. Companies can afford to keep the bare minimum wage low because they know that workers do not other task. In order to help American families achieve a bigger sense of financial security, the minimum salary needs to be improved so workers in the reduce paying jobs can afford to live and meet up with their needs. Republicans believe that raising the bare minimum wage will actually enhance unemployment since businesses could hardly afford to hire workers. Many...

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