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The Our god of Small Things -- 'A simple story set against the backdrop of interpersonal discrimination, the reds and the famille system' The storyplot unfolds the lives of folks in Kerala who are definitely the captives of Communism, the caste program, and the Keralite Syrian Christian way of life. This embarks within the journey in the dizyotic twin babies Rahel and Esthappen (Estha), the children of Ammu Ipe. The book opens with Rahel coming back from Calcutta and he reaches Ayemenem during the ominous month of summer. Ammu Ipe who had become desperate to marry after she acquired rejected during marriage proposals due to her dowry, moves to Kolkata to her aunt wherever she marries a man whom worked within a tea estate. The man quickly turned out to be a great alcoholic and who accustomed to beat her. After Rahel and Estha were created, she shifted back to her house in Ayemenem and lived with her mother and sibling Chacko. Sophie Mol is Chacko and Margaret's daughter. Sophie Mol is useless. When Ammu Ipe found knew about Rahel and Velutha's (who worked by their house and belonged to the untouchable class) relationship, the girl sacked Velutha from job and the lady locked herself in her room. Rahel and Velutha tried to run away together simply by rowing over the river to a abandoned residence and were helped by Sophie Mol. When they were rowing over the river, an accident takes Sophie Mol's life. Pappachi is Rahel and Estha's grandfather. Navomi Ipe Kochamma nicknamed " Baby Kochamma" was Pappachi's sibling. Baby Kochamma blamed Velutha for Sophie Mol's fatality and complained to the law enforcement. The police who also beat callously beat Velutha for traversing caste collection. This a new deep impact on the twins who became muted after this fierce, ferocious act. They reveal the truth of Sophie's death to the police main; the police primary knew that since Velutha was a communist his wrongful arrest and beating will antagonise the local communists. Baby Kochamma worrying arrest convinces Chacko into believing which the twins are in charge of for his daughter's (Sophie Mol) loss of life. Chacko...

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