The Battle of the Nek

 The Battle of the Nek Essay

The reason that the English as well as the Australians attacked Turkey was quiet simple, Russia was being attacked by simply Germany and was attempting to maintain defences, at this same time Turkey was as well supporting Germany and entering Russia. Therefore Russia asked assistance from the British units. The British also experienced that Turkey would be a superb trading slot, as it enables great access to the Black Sea. As a way a result the British bombarded the Turkish shore battery packs to test all their range of tools and defences, this only eliminating the power of a surprise assault. Three months after a British and French number of eighteen battleships attempted to force its way into Constantinople the capital of Turkey via the Dardanelles straits, three capital ships had been lost and three poorly damaged. This large scale assault had used up all of the European weaponry with the time the alliance (France and Britain) could have extended to advance throughout the straits and invaded Constantinople, but as they did not understand this, the British and French chose to set up a post for Gallipoli.

Thousands of Australians embarked to Gallipoli to combat alongside the British in World War I, these sets of soldiers had been classified as light equine brigades, the 8th lumination horse groupe predominantly becoming from Exito and the 10th light horses brigade mostly from the Upper Territory. These soldiers got come along for the war to hold out with mates also to see the world at no cost, nevertheless by the time they will arrived in Turkish floor they had considerably woken up to the reality from the dangers and high possibility of these dying for the Turkish threat. The fact that the Australian and British soldiers stationed in Anzac Cove were experiencing a long dull mate together with the Turkish foe, meant that lots of the men experienced had to very long to think about the hazards of battle and had cultivated quiet stressed and as months past many soldiers were being killed simply by stray mortars fired by Turkish infidel, non-e of which...

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