The Communist Chiaro by Karl Marx

 The Communist Manifesto simply by Karl Marx Essay

Ji Li


HW 2

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The Communism Manifesto

Pre-reading Questions:

1 . What is the economic condition of the bourgeoisie? What is the economic current condition of the proletariat? The monetary condition of the bourgeoisie can be they control and own the means of creation, and they also have your own cheap labor forces in all of society. Furthermore, they build up and own the huge wealth. The proletariat almost own nothing, they can barely nourish themselves and their families through they advertising their affordable labors, and the wages on their behalf are less and fewer when the development became mechanized.

2 . How does the growing world marketplace for merchandise affect national identity? The bourgeoisie features through its exploitation with the world- marketplace given a cosmopolitan figure to production and intake in every region (459). Most old- founded national industries have been ruined or replaced by new industries. The availability in materials and mental has become a common property, the bourgeoisie through their needs to make a new industry which is global and single. Therefore , broadening world market causes countries to have much less identities.

3. What rewards does Marx expect the reds to provide the proletariat? Instant aim of the Communists is equivalent to that of all the other proletarian celebrations: formation from the proletariat into a class, undoing of the bourgeois of superiority, conquest of political electrical power by the proletariat (467). Marx except that the reds should ensure that the proletariat bring together to get rid of the secret of the bourgeoisie and the non-public property.

Questions for crucial reading:

3. What are Marx's views about the value of operate the contemporary society he describes? What is his attitude toward wealth?

Marx believes that to achieve the worth of the work in the society, the first thing they need to do is usually abolish the employment marriage, thus to get rid of the oppression between persons and people. Marx thinks that...