The Catcher in the Rye

 The Baseball catchers in the Rye Essay

The growing could possibly be challenging and painful for some people, especially when they will experience indifference as a kind of protecting their innocence and contempt on the perceived phoniness of the adult world. The opening extract from T. D Salinger's ‘The Catcher in the Rye' (1951) is extremely significant with regards of the story. This new, renowned due to its didactic nature also sounds the thoughts and problems of many fresh American young adults in the content – contemporary World War II period. Salinger utilizes the unique figure of Holden and his problems in the chaotic multifaceted community to portray how indifference can be used as protection, the painfulness of growing up and the phoniness of the mature world. Due to the fear of moving into adulthood under the pressure of the multidimensional society, some individuals may protectively alienate themselves. The beginning extract drastically defines the distinctive persona of Holden; the protagonist whose narrative voice inside the novel steadily uncovers the feelings of exemption in the homogeneous world as he makes a move from childhood to adult life. Holden is definitely an exaggerated example of American teen's mental outlook for the changing American society. Holden's desperate wish for human speak to and like is sometimes undermined by his strong need to protect himself from rejection. This is indicated through the rapport of thought and actions as he expresses " I actually felt like giving someone a buzz….[but] We ended up certainly not calling anybody”. The advancement of the novel uncovers that Holden's isolation is seen as a sort of proving that he is most importantly the ‘fakeness' of the homogeneous society. This is certainly symbolized through his ‘red hunting hat', highlighting his individuality and uniqueness. Through this seminal novel the audience is exposed to Holden's emotions and idiosyncrasies that are a reflection of his exclusion from your world about him. This is indicated through his metaphorical feeling of getting...

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