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 Technology and Communication Paper

Technology and Conversation Paper

Melanie Heredia

Nov 6, 2010

James Backus

Technology and Communication Newspaper

Communication performs a crucial function in the felony justice system in order to express important information with regards to a matter under consideration concerning a particular case in ways of fixing a complex criminal offenses, especially in a court of law; consequently , effective communication is required so the exchange info is obviously understood among the list of criminal proper rights professionals. In the future, the development of technology undergoes change and improvement where each of our communication methods begin to gradually develop, frequently into some thing more effective or perhaps advanced. The advancement of technology impacts the connection capabilities of specialized databases in the felony justice system, for example , the Automated Fingerprint Identification system (AFIS) plus the facial recognition method the two benefit police force agencies by using computer graphics that are operated for the purpose of identifying facial explanations and could be fingerprints. Technology in the Lawbreaker Justice Environment

The a comparison of at least two types of specialized sources that have an beneficial effect having such development are the Computerized Fingerprint Recognition system (AFIS) and the facial recognition in identifying a criminal. The two of these specialized sources are security-based computer systems that identify and locate a person in a matter of mins providing truthful information based on the described data. AFIS and cosmetic recognition are essential tools that help to present criminal proper rights and police agencies with fully bundled communications system with the ability to log on to a computer program to view required data between criminal rights professionals, while including a comprehensive range of secureness safeguards to be able to prevent unfavorable consequences coming from happening. Growing the ability...

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