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Collection Management and Equity Exploration in the context of Bangladesh




Collection Management and Equity Study in the framework of Bangladesh

Course Name: Security charges and collection Theory Course Code: (F-407)

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Md Sajib Hossain


Section of Financing University Of Dhaka

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01Tarikul Islam 16-008

02Imtiaz Jahangir Murad16-066

03Tapash pal16-078

04Md. Fayzul Hoque16-100

05Md. Kajol Hossain16-128

06Md. Ismail Hossain16-130

Letter of Transmittal

October 01, 2013

Md Sajib Hossain


Department of Finance

School of Dhaka

Subject: Submitting of the statement

Special Sir,

Were submitting below with our given report on " Portfolio Management and Equity Study in the circumstance of Bangladesh”. It is the requirement of BBA software from the Office of financial, University of Dhaka. Despite a number of limitations, we have exerted our ideal effort to arrange this record and to make this a vibrant & thorough one pertaining to accomplishing my academic need as well as the want of the enrichment of our know-how on " Portfolio Supervision and Value Research in the context of Bangladesh”. We hope it will serve the purpose.

So , all of us request one to accept the report and give us a proper suggestion to work in the battlefield lifestyle. we shall regularly be obliged to furnish the clarification concerning this survey, if necessary. If we did any problem, we are looking forward to your important advice.



Maryland. Ismail Hossain

(on part of our group)


BBA 16th Batch

Department of Finance

University of Dhaka

The Portfolio Administration Process

The profile management procedure is the method an investor usually takes to assist him in getting together with his investment goals.

The procedure is as follows:

1 . Identifying and specifying the investor's objective and restrictions: The initially task in investment organizing is to identify and identify the investor's objectives and constraints. Come back objectives can be divided into this needs:

A. Capital Preservation: Capital preservation is the need to keep capital. For doing that objective, the return aim should, at a minimum, be equal for the inflation price. With this kind of objective, a real estate investor simply would like to preserve his existing capital. B. Capital Appreciation: Capital appreciation is definitely the need to increase, rather than basically preserve, capital. To accomplish this target, the return objective needs to be equal to a positive return that exceeds the anticipated inflation. With this objective, an investor's intention is always to grow his existing capital base. C. Current Profits: Current cash flow is the need to create profits from the investor's capital base. With this kind of objective, a buyer needs to generate profits from his investments. This is certainly frequently viewed with retired investors who also no longer include income via work and need to earn cash off of their very own investments to satisfy living expenses and other spending needs. D. Total Return: Total return is the need to increase the capital bottom through both capital gratitude and reinvestment of that appreciation. Investment Constraints

For investment, it is important to consider a great investor's restrictions. There are five types of constraints that really must be considered… A. Liquidity Constraints - Liquidity constraints recognize an investor's need for fluid, or funds. B. Period Horizon - A time horizon constraint develops a fb timeline of an investor's various economical needs. Enough time horizon as well affects a great investor's capability to accept risk. If an entrepreneur has a very long time horizon,...

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