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Surroundings Paper 19.08.2019
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Mallory Santic


Paper #1

Great Description

Coming from my windowpane, I can discover many great, positive reasons for having the ASU campus. The grass appears like it's been freshly watered and it is a vibrant shade of green. Students will be walking simply by, moving quickly and a biker comes after them not really too far lurking behind. They look like they have significant places to go, such as a class or to get something to eat. A number of the bikes have got baskets placed on them, stuffed with goodies pertaining to the student. Autos zoom simply by under the connection, cars which have been as bright as a material trophy. They look like they may be filled with essential people, heading to important locations. The building across from me personally has its lights about, and I can easily see students walking down the halls. I'm uncertain if it's a dormitory or maybe a class building, but it sure seems to be well-liked by all of the people choosing and out. Some of the lights flicker off, which makes me think that it's a dorm and a few students are going for to go to sleeping. A coach just passed full of people. Students, elders, all different types. It is quite late, so I speculate where they are going. I guess there's a lot of places to go and activities when you're upon such a fantastic campus. I could see a green light, and it seems as though nobody has touched this in years, which makes myself think that this kind of place is extremely safe. Palms are all throughout the sidewalk, and gently sway in the wind flow looking like they belong on a beach, and in addition they give this place a relaxing, calm, appear. It's apparent to me that people enjoy this kind of place simply by the landscapes. It is well taken care of, and intensely clean. Everybody looks to become having fun and a good time, and if I did not already head to this university I know I might want to just by generating through out the campus.

Adverse Description

Coming from my window, I can observe poor composition of structures and a shaky connect. These are some things that are negative regarding the ASU campus. In addition to the people appearance dead from the heat, but the greenery as well. The lawn...

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