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1 . Return upon Assets sama dengan Net Revenue before Curiosity and Tax / Typical Total Resources 2 . Normal Accounts Payable settlement = Average Accounts Payable as well as Credit acquisitions x 365 3. Asset turnover proportion = (Sales / common Total Assets) x 90 4. Property turnover period = (Average total property / Sales) x 365 5. Returning on Equity (Return upon Shareholder's' Funds) = Net Profit after Tax and preference returns / Average ordinary discuss capital & Reserves times 100 six. Gross Profit margin (ratio) = (Gross Profit as well as Sales) x 100 six. Net Profit margin (ratio) = Net Profit before Interest and Tax as well as Sales times 100 eight. Current proportion = Current Assets / Current Financial obligations

on the lookout for. Acid test (Quick asset) ratio = Current Assets (excluding Inventory and Prepayments) / Current Debts 10. Debt/Equity ratio = Total Financial obligations / Total Equity times 100% 10. Debt proportion = Total Liabilities / Total Property x 100% 12. Collateral ratio sama dengan Total Fairness / Total Assets x 100%

13. Gearing ratio sama dengan Long-term Debts / Talk about Capital + Reserves & Long-term Financial obligations x 75 14. Products on hand turnover sama dengan Average Inventory / Cost of Sales back button 365 12-15. Average arrangement for Accounts Receivable sama dengan Average Accounts Receivable as well as Credit Product sales x 365 16. Interest coverage rate = Net Profit prior to Interest and Tax as well as Interest price 17. Gross per reveal = Returns announced during the period / Number of shares on issue 18. Dividend payout ratio = Payouts announced pertaining to the year as well as Earnings pertaining to the year designed for dividends times 100 19. Dividend yield = Dividend per share (1 – t) / Market price every share x 100 twenty. Earnings per share = Earnings offered to ordinary shareholders / volume of ordinary stocks and shares on concern 21. Price/earnings ratio = Market value per share / Earnings per share 22. Contribution Perimeter = Value – Varying Costs twenty three. Contribution Margin Ratio...

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