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7-2 Notes

Eukaryotic Cells

1 . Eukaryote cellular material are broken into two parts



Portion outside the nucleus where organelles reside


2 . Consists of most of the cell's DNA

several. DNA is definitely the code to make proteins

5. Surrounded by a double membrane called the nuclear cover 5. Is made up of chromatic, which in turn consists of DNA bound to healthy proteins Condenses during cell division to form chromosomes

6. Nucleolus – small dense location in center where the assemblage of ribosomes begins Ribosomes

7. Tiny particles of RNA and protein

8. Are spread throughout the cell

9. Can also be attached to the rough endoplasmic reticulum

10. Ribosomes are the internet site of protein synthesis

Endoplasmic Reticulum

11. An indoor membrane system

12. Lipids, some protein, and other elements are constructed here 13. Rough EMERGENY ROOM has ribosomes attached to enable protein activity 14. Easy ER does not have any ribosomes making possible lipid activity

Golgi Device

15. Looks as a collection of walls

of sixteen. Acts just like a postman

17. This changes, kinds, and deals proteins and also other materials 18. Also offers these " packages” for their final destination Lysosomes

19. Tiny organelles filled with enzymes

20. Act as a cleaning staff

21. They break down fats, carbohydrates, and proteins hence the cell can use them twenty two. Also tenderize " old” organelles

twenty three. Also breakdown unneeded gunk in the cellular such as bacteria Vacuoles

24. Saclike structure used for cellular storage

twenty-five. Stores normal water, salts, proteins and carbs


21. " giant of the cell”

27. Converts chemical energy stored in meals into a form that cellular material can use twenty eight. Has a double membrane

29. One externally of the organelle

30. A single folded up within the organelle

thirty-one. Contains its DNA


32. " powerhouse to get a plant cell”

33. Converts energy contact form sun into chemical strength during operations of photosynthesis 34. Contains its own GENETICS


thirty-five. A network of healthy proteins filaments

36. Helps cell...

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