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Romeo and Juliet Essay

In the play, " Romeo and Juliet, ” written by Shakespeare, there are several tragic events such as the death of Juliet Capulet. One may question, who was accountable for the loss of life of Juliet? That is an argument that can go on forever as everyone has their own opinions, yet , Juliet Capulet is responsible for her own fatality because of the idiotic decisions your woman made.

Juliet's first childish decision was the moment she immediately thought the girl was in take pleasure in with Romeo Montague even though she acquired just met him. To describe it in referred to as like at first sight, which can be when you get excited about someone following just looking at them for the first time. Love first is actually genuinely unrealistic, and Juliet could have had several restraint upon herself rather than falling for Romeo immediately. On page seventy six it states, " Did my cardiovascular love until now? Forswear it, view! For I ne'er found true magnificence till this kind of night. ” That was when Romeo first saw Juliet and was quickly in love. Although Juliet tried to restrain at first, following she allow Romeo hug her, the girl knew she was in love too.

Another one of Juliet's childish choices that she built was once she chose to get married to Romeo. Juliet was the individual who brought up having a wedding in the first place because she planned to make sure their very own love was real. This is stupid and irresponsible for many reasons. For starters, she only met the boy. Your woman hardly is aware of anything about him except for the fact that he can a Montague and the girl with a Capulet. They are both by feuding households, so they should have realized that unfortunately their relationship wasn't going to lift weights right away. On-page 20 this states, " Two homes, both as well in dignity… From historic grudge break to fresh mutiny…” Romeo and Juliet were the two from two well-known households that have been feuding with each other as anyone would ever be able to remember. For the reason that prologue in addition, it refers to Romeo and Juliet as, " A pair of star-cross'd...

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