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 rgrgrg Dissertation

her new-found take pleasure in for GodThis essay is going to talk about the Chinese rare metal miners. Why they leave their region, why do they wanted to go to New Zealand as well as the problems they have to face once arrived at NZ.

First, what are the push factors that produced the Oriental gold miner wanted to keep their region? The most important factor was monetary hardship as a result of growing United kingdom dominance over China, these were ruled by the British, that they felt hazardous and disappointed with their region. And at that time the living condition was really bad: criminal offense rate rise, streets are dirty, employing opium, goods price had been very high, the poor's almost everywhere and they don't have any rights up against the British.

Second, why do they wanted to go to New Zealand? Because there was rare metal, most of the Chinese language miner came here, hoped to return to China as rich men and to be privileged for coming back that way. And so they were escaping poverty in China too, they came here to for a better life and job, wished their children to grow program good education.

Finally, what trouble did they face once arrived at New Zealand? The first issue they face is to pay out the poll tax( $100), which is a lot of cash at that time, when ever some Oriental miners objected and refused to spend the unjust tax, we were holding physically bombarded and even murdered. Secondly, is a language and culture big difference, the Oriental miner addresses differently, feeds on differently and is not the same to the New Zealanders. Thirdly, most of the people has anti-chinese feelings. the Chinese was required to face useful jokes, their very own possessions had been burnt, rocks were chucked and there were name-calling.

In conclusion, the push factors for the Chinese miners are the unsafe feeling plus the disappointment with their country, the pull elements are wanting to generate money from gold searching and a much better life and the problem they will face will be language, lifestyle and racism.

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