Religion in Older Adulthood

 Religion in Older Adult life Essay

Religion in Older Adult life

Religion is an important part of millions of people's lives. Religion gives someone a sense of belief and faith, within a world with many questions. A great authority physique that adults and children go to when faced with a religious dilemma is usually an older adult. Santrock (2013) stated that, a idea in Goodness is more common in older adults than any other age group. Many essential figures in religious jobs are elderly adults. Religious beliefs meets a few important psychological need in grown-ups (Santrock, 2013). Interview

I chose to interview my personal grandmother Josefina Walker. The girl with 66 years older and has become living with my loved ones, in Bakersfield, for 3 years. She has your five daughters and 10 grandchildren. I chose my own grandmother since she's a really religious person and I knew she would include great understanding. Josefina talks about how long she is been dedicated to her faith when your woman said, " I've been catholic my entire life. I had been baptized once i was a baby and traveled to church twice a week. My own mother use for go to chapel 3 times weekly so naturally we went with her”. Developing up in South america religion is an important aspect of everyday life. However going from Mexico to Washington dc really smudged her chapel going plan, " Yep I use to look twice per week but then once i moved to L. A I had developed to take a while out and when I had my first daughter I wanted her to be brought up in that so I started out going again once we moved to Wasco, CA”. As we mentioned raising 5 girls I needed to know how many times the girl goes given that she has more free time. The lady mentioned that, " We go twice a week. My spouse and i go Thursday for bible study and Sunday pertaining to church. The key reason why a religion pulls someone in is different for all. Josefina discusses how, " I like the sense of community I believe when I take a look. I believe in the teachings since I was slightly girl and it's really never improved. I enjoyed that whenever I feel just like I have a weighty heart I could go to confession and have the weight...

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