Regarding India's General public Expenditure

 Growth of India’s Public Spending Essay

Q. 1: Explain the meaning, importance and objectives of public spending. Ans.  MEANING OF GENERAL PUBLIC EXPENDITURE: -

Public Expenditure refers to Government Expenditure. It can be incurred simply by Central and State Governments. The Public Spending is incurred on numerous activities pertaining to the well being of the people and also to get the financial development, especially in developing countries. In other words The Expenditure received by Open public authorities just like Central, Condition and local governments to satisfy the collective interpersonal wants of the people is recognized as public expenses.

A.        NEED I IMPORTANCE/ SIGNIFICANCE OF PUBLIC EXPENDITURE: - In modern financial activities open public expenditure has to play a crucial role. It helps to increase economic development and ensure economical stability. Open public Expenditure may promote financial development as follows: - 1 .         To showcase rapid economic development.

2 .         To showcase trade and commerce.

three or more.         To enhance rural development

4.         To promote well balanced regional expansion

5.         To develop agricultural and professional sectors six.         To build socio-economic expenses eg. roads, railways, power etc . six.         To take advantage of and develop mineral assets like fossil fuel and essential oil. 8.         To provide group wants and maximise sociable welfare. on the lookout for.         To enhance full - employment and keep price stableness. 10.       To ensure an equitable division of cash flow. Thus general public expenditure must create as well as conditions conducive to economical development. It has to improve the local climate for purchase. It should offer incentives to save lots of, invest and innovate. B.        OBJECTIVES OF PUBLIC SPENDING: -

The objectives of public expenditure are

1)             Administration of regulation and buy and justice. 2)             Maintenance of police force.

3)             Maintenance of army and supply for protection goods. 4)             Maintenance of diplomats in foreign countries.      � 5)             Public Operations.

6)             Servicing of public financial debt.

7)             Development of industries.

8)             Development of travel and conversation. 9)             Provision pertaining to public health.

10)         Creation of sociable goods.

In a modern well being state, the importance of public expenditure include increased. The entire Central Government's expenditure (Revenue and Capital) rose by Rs. 98, 272 crores in 1990-91 to Rs. 10, 18, 526 crores in 2009-10. Q. a couple of: Explain the Classification of Public Spending in India.                                OR                          Explain in greater detail the types of General public Expenditure. ANS: A. CATEGORY / TYPES OF PUBLIC EXPENDITURE�: --

Classification of public expenditure refers to the systematic agreement of different products on which the federal government incurs spending. Public expenses can be classified as follows: -




Capital               Productive               Transfer                Plan                               Other               And                    And                           And                     And                        Classification           Revenue             Non-Productive       Non – Transfer   Non - Strategy 1)        Capital And Revenue Expenditure�: -

Capital Expenditure with the government identifies that costs which results in creation of set assets. They are in the form of expenditure. They increase the net productive assets in the economy. Capital Expenditure is likewise known as expansion expenditure as it increases the effective capacity from the economy. It is an investment spending and a non-recurring form of expenditure. To get Eg. Costs - on agricultural and industrial creation, irrigation dams, public -enterprises etc, are capital expenses Revenue costs are current or usage expenditures incurred on detrimental administration, defence forces, public well-being and, education, maintenance of govt machinery...

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