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Solving problems and Looking

IT Choose 104

(Chapter 3)

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Solving problems

Agent Function

Problem Solving Agent

* Agent finds a task sequence to attain a goal

2. Requires problem formulation

* Determine aim

* Formulate problem based upon goal

* Searches for an action sequence that solves the problem * Activities are then carried out, disregarding percepts during that period


* Primary state

5. Possible actions / Heir function

5. Goal test

* Course cost function

* Express space could be derived from the initial state and the successor function

Example: Cleaner World

5. Environment includes two pieces,

A (left) and B (right)

5. Each sq may or may not be filthy

* A real estate agent may be in A or M

* An agent can understand whether a sq . is dirty or not

* A realtor may push left, maneuver right, pull dirt (or do nothing) * Issue: is this a whole PEAS description?

Vacuum World Problem

5. Initial state: configuration explaining

* position of agent

* dirt status of any and B

* Successor function

* R, M, or S, causes a unique configuration

* Goal test

* Verify whether A and B are not soiled

* Course cost

2. Number of actions

State Space

* two possible locations


2 x 2 combinations

( A is clean/dirty,

W is clean/dirty )


8 says

Sample Trouble and Solution

* Preliminary State: two

* Action Sequence:

Pull, Left, Pull

(brings all of us to which express? )

Says and Successors

Example: 8-Puzzle

* Primary state:

while shown

5. Actions?

replacement, beneficiary function?

2. Goal test?

* Path cost?

Case: 8-Queens Trouble

* Location 8 queens on a chessboard so that not any queen disorders any other queen * Preliminary state?

5. Successor function?

* Aim test?

2. Path expense?

Example: Route-finding

* Offered a set of spots, links (with values) between locations, an initial location and a vacation spot, find the best course * Initial state?

5. Successor function?

* Objective test?

* Path cost?

Some Factors

* Environment ought to be become static, deterministic, and observable * For what reason?

* In the event some of the over properties are relaxed, what happens? * Doll problems vs real-world problems

Searching for Alternatives

* Looking through the condition space

2. Search woods rooted at initial state

* A node in the tree is definitely expanded by applying successor function for each valid action 5. Children nodes are produced with a distinct path cost and depth * Come back solution once node with goal condition is reached

Tree-Search Algorithm

Search Technique

* Approach: specifies the order of node development

* Oblivious search strategies: no additional information beyond says and successors * Educated or heuristic search: extends " more promising” states Evaluating Tactics

* Completeness

* will it always find a solution if one exists?

* Time difficulty

* volume of nodes made

* Space complexity

2. maximum number of nodes in memory

2. Optimality

2. does it often find a least-cost solution?

As well as space complexity

Expressed when it comes to:

* m: branching component

* depends on possible activities

* utmost number of successors of a client

* m: depth of shallowest goal node

* m: optimum path-length in state space

Uninformed Search Strategies

2. Breadth-First Search

* Uniform-Cost Search

* Depth-First Search

* Depth-Limited Search

5. Iterative Deepening Search

Breadth-First Search

* fringe can be described as regular first-in-first-out queue

2. Start with first state; after that process the successors of initial express, followed by all their successors, so on… 5. Shallow nodes first before deeper nodes

* Complete

5. Optimal (if path-cost sama dengan node depth)

* Time Complexity:...

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