chapter 2 - systems and procedures

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Enterprise source planning system (ERP): a method that works with individual traditional business features into a number of modules in order that a single transaction occurs easily within a one information program rather than a lot of separate systems.

Outsourcing: the practice of turning above responsibility for some or every one of an organization's information systems applications and operations to the outside company.

Request for pitch (RFP): a document presented to vendors to ask those to propose components and program software that will meet the requirements of a new system.

Reuse: the use of previously written computer software resources, specifically objects and components, in new applications.

Review Questions:

1) Identify and review the six sources of software program.

Technology services organizations – professionals come in and set it up Packed software suppliers – get it and set it up your self Vendors of enterprise alternatives software – crosses useful boundaries (unified information system) Cloud processing - internet

Open source software – free application

In-house creation – choose your own or perhaps reuse

2) How can you determine among various off-the-shelf computer software options? What criteria in the event you use? You must assess your company's needs and possessions. Criteria involves cost, efficiency, vendor support, viability of vendor, overall flexibility, documentation, response time, and ease of installation. 3) What is an RFP, and how do experts use that you gather info on hardware and system application? RFP can be described as document supplied to vendors to ask these to propose hardware and system software that could meet the requirements of a new system. You can inquire from the vendor inquiries and receive feedback from other customers to assemble information. 5) What are ERP systems? Exactly what the benefits and drawbacks of such systems like a design technique? An ERP system is something that works with individual classic business...

Communication, Cooperation and Team-work are Significantly Important for the Successful Completion of Information Devices Projects. Essay