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 payrollsystem Dissertation

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This Job entitled " Computerized Salaries System intended for Northern Zambales College, Incorporation. ” Ready and Published by Angelica Constantino, Ferdinand Arcala, Irene Enerva, Chrismar Marin And Matt Sto. Tomas. in partial happiness of the requirements for the course of Computer System and Design(CSDP). Are hereby submitted for the project panel for suitable action. Project Committee

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Approved and approved in a incomplete fulfillment from the requirement for the course of Computer and Design and style Programming (CSDP).

Mr. Jerome Diassan

(SAD Instructor )

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Constantino Arcala Enerva Marin Sto. Tomas

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Angelica Constantino _______________________________ Ferdinand Arcala _______________________________ Irene Enerva ______________________________ Chrismar Marin _______________________________ Matt Sto. Tomas ________________________________

Jerome Diassan

(SAD Instructor)


First and foremost, the advocates would like to thank the ever before loving Our god for giving them the knowledge and patience to finish this kind of research. The researchers would like to express all their sincerest gratitude to the pursuing persons, for their parents for their untiring support emotionally and financially with their love and inspiration to us to pursue our bachelor's degree. We are happy to our interviewees who spent their time. To our Instructor Mr. Jerome Diassan, for his closeness, generosity and full support to the researchers throughout the making of this examine, for the help he had given to the research workers especially for the info that was needed for the research.


We all dedicate the analysis to every individual that has been element of this task contributing their very own resources and knowledge relating to this project. We mostly dedicated this study to our school Upper Zambales University Inc. We all also offer this study to our Instructor who have persistently motivate them to allow them to provide such as system similar to this that will hopefully makes a massive difference and superb help in this school. Our family who has recently been very encouraging during the process, to the professor to get inspiring and sharing suggestions. And above all we offer this kind of project to the Almighty Goodness that always baths with His Benefits and unconditional love. Finally, this thesis is committed to all those who also believe in the richness of learning.


Name: Payroll System


Constantino, Angelica T.

Arcala, Ferdinand P.

Enerva, Irene G.

Marin, Christmar Y.

Sto. Tomas, He R.

This kind of Automated Salaries System was create to Developed this manually salaries sytem inside the school.. To be able to help school employee in performing their particular task. To developed a Automated Salaries System.

For making searching of files much easier.

To secure personnel accurate record.

To save amount of time in storing data.

To have an effective control over the complete operation.



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