P4 recommend a computer system for Toot hellip

 P4 recommend a computer program for Toot hellip Composition

P4 recommend a computer system for Tooting Films.

Awais Khan


I have chosen to recommend Intel Core i7 4770K

3. 50GHz processor for the tooting films gaming

set up. This will offer excellent performance

above the previous era processors. It would

also enhance results in overall performance, improvements

in multi-tasking, coding, gaming and

multithreaded applications. As well as a great

improved PCI-Lane 3. 0 bandwidth which helps

additional boost overall performance of latest generation 3

graphics cards.

The price for this cpu is £254. 90 inc. Value-added tax this

is usually bought from At the. buyer. com


I use chosen Asrock Z97 Pro4 Socket

1150 VGA DVI HDMI six. 1 Route Audio

ATX Motherboard while my mainboard

for tooting films. This is because it

supports 5th Era Intel® Core™ i7

which means it is compatible with my own i7

processor chip. This also offers a optimum

capacity of 32gb for its memory which is

ideal for my own video editing and enhancing pc.

The price of this hauptplatine is

£86. 80 inc. vat from ebuyer. com


The strength supply I've chosen is definitely

EVGA Supernova 750W Totally Modular

80+ Gold Power Supply. This is a good

power supply as it waste materials less power,

and create less warmth all of which

lead to less enthusiast noise. Because the

power has an performance rating

of 80+ percent provides 80% of

the rated power consumption as capacity to the

program, while burning off the various other 20

percent as high temperature. The price for the

power supply £11. 48 inc. value-added tax from

ebuyer. com


The fan I use chosen can be Gelid

Alternatives Wing 14 UV Green 140mm

High end Case Supporter. The supporter is

UV reactive, noise-free, dust and

waterproof. To add to the silence, fan

supports replace classic screws and

are made of top quality, ultra-soft

silicon which quit vibrations from your

fan motor unit from traveling into your COMPUTER

case. The price for the fan is

£11. 48 inc. value-added tax from ebuyer. com


• The ram I've chosen is definitely Corsair 16GB

DDR3 1866MHz. This is because it includes 2 8gb

of memory combined to make 32 gb every

together, very low lot of capacity to save a

load of documents, pictures and music etc .

Furthermore it is super fast and definitely will load

up programs right away. Also it features

aluminium high temperature spreaders which supports

dissipate heat much faster. Vindicte

memory was created specifically for the

latest Microprocessors modules and runs for 1 . 5V for

optimum compatibility with all Intel Main

i3, i5 and i7 processors which can be perfect as

my personal processor can be Intel seventeen.

• The price of the RAM is 274. 64  inc. Vat

via ebuyer. com

Graphics card

The graphics card I possess chosen is a

Nvidia GeForce GTX 770 as it has high

recollection clock speed and an aboveaverage main clock velocity. Combining substantial clock rates of speed with comparatively low

noises and power levels this will make for a

great graphics cards. It can also take care of

the highest setting when using the 1080p

monitors. Inspite of its hardware specs

weaker then many options on the market

its actual life performances have got rendered

assessment suggesting it can be performing above

average and great value for money.

The price for this graphics cards is $460. 86

from Amazon which will converts to £

295. 71 in the united kingdom.


The keyboard I have picked is the Microsoft company

All-in-One Mass media keyboard. The reason is ,

it has an Integrated multi-touch monitor pad

permits easy nav with touch support

to enhance your encounter. It also features

Easy to reach and use volume controls to

improve your experience whiles using the

key pad. It also features great strength as it is

created to survive unintentional sit-ons and

occasional drops. Spill-resistant to

withstand random spills. In addition, it boosts a

wireless connection of up to 30 feet which usually

allows you to widely roam throughout the room

which has a solid interconnection.

The price of the keyboad is usually v £34. 99 incl.

VAT from microsoftstore. com

Mouse button

The mouse I have picked is the

Microsoft ARC Black Wireless Laser...

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