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Katarzyna Majewska

Methods of connection with customers

Their very own might be various methods used by companies to communicate with the consumer, like for example: Email

Electronic mail, at times called email, is a laptop based way of sending text messages from one laptop user to another. These text messages usually include individual components of text which you may send to a new computer user even if the other user can be not logged in. The message can then be read at a later time. This procedure is usually analogous to sending and becoming a notification. Originally, email messages were restricted to simple text message, but now many systems are designed for more complicated platforms, such as graphics and term processed papers. Email may be exchanged with most national and intercontinental networks. Down sides:

Missing circumstance of the communication

Misunderstanding massages

Some people have no computers, or don't use these people on the frequent bases Not enough network


Flexible response time

Can be sand around the globe

We can make use of mobile phones to send or examine our e-mail

Be snail mail you can send documents, images, letters, presents, etc . Shouldn't be personal

Mobile phone

Telephone conversation is one of the many widespread and expeditious kinds of communication; it gives you for the exchange of information in all parts of human endeavour, including market, agriculture, authorities, science, traditions, public health, and private services. It is just a transmission of speech more than a distance possibly by electronic digital signals or perhaps by a radio station signals. This permits discussions to be continued between persons separated by simply almost any range. Disadvantages:

Staff can take protest as personal criticism

Business have to fork out a lot of money in training personnel to can easily deal with gripes Customers might have problem with understanding staff

Buyer can feel offence by simply some of the inquiries


Permits immediate interaction...

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