Martin Luther King Jr's Contributions for the Civil Rights Movement inside the American 50s and 60s

 Martin Luther King Jr’s Contributions for the Civil Legal rights Movement in the American 50s and 60s Essay

Why performed MLK succeed in gaining increased civil legal rights for black citizens in the united states in the 1950s and 1960s? P1: His management skills.

What?: MLK experienced great leadership skills and was able to coordinate people well. EG. Montgomery bus exclusion and his work in churches and MIA. His setting up of SCLC fantastic coordinating of numerous groups, for example for Mar on Washington. Importance: He gave a clear format to the movement, which in turn made it less difficult for people to get involved eg his coordinating Greensboro sit ins while using SCLC 60. It also caused it to be easier pertaining to govt. to back up him, for example March about Washington 1963, which solidified the support for Cr legislation. Having been also able to control how points panned away, eg Luton campaign employing his understanding of " Bull” Connor P2: Tactics

What?: He was non-violent. He used media to his benefit, he mobilised the world, working in the American system, speeches. Importance: His nonmilitant views signify govt. may support him, he had strong links with Kennedy and this brought him advantages eg getting removed from Altlanta ga jail by simply attorney standard Robert kennedy. It is clear how much govt. support helped, as when the relationship with Johnson broke down after MLK criticised the Vietnam war he confronted trouble in organising and following through on his northern campaigns. Working withing the device made sure that whites weren't alienated and gave persons little ammo against the movements, for example his agreeing with Kennedy to call of 2nd Montgomery march in the bridge. He used the media to his advantage, eg using Bull Connor's violence during Birmingham advertising campaign as during freedom trips this experienced attracted a whole lot of interest. During Liverpool campaigns Kennedy claimed to be " sickened” by images of police brutality, ultimately causing JFK saying bill that would end segregation was and then for all. (By 1955 ½ of all homes had a television) He was an excellent orator, and to this day his " I have a dream speech” performed in the...

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