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The word " laundry” means the removal of staining, washing and finishing (ironing and finishing) storage of all types of garments and content articles

Reasons for washing clothes

1 . To eliminate perspiration which if not removed might damage the garment. 2 . To remove dirt and grime and fat which may discolour the garment or cause them to smell. 3. Launder outfits for hygienic purposes. Grubby clothes might carry bacteria which lead to diseases e. g. pores and skin diseases. four. Well laundered clothes preserve their color better

5. Garment which are usually and correctly laundered go longer because sweat is not given time for you to damage fibres. 6. Washed and very well ironed garments stay clean for a much longer period as dust would not stick for the smooth surfaces. 7. Simply by ironing garments, insects and germs which usually get on towards the clothes because they dry are killed 8. To give garments good a shape and to make them look as new as possible.

The process of laundry guarantees the care of clothes and also other items made of textile fabric of different types. For performance in laundry work, the basic equipment equipment and suitable cleaning assists are essential. Gear and assists have constantly been produced to make laundry work less difficult and more pleasant. Despite the occurrence of this products, there is required to understand the real estate of the fabric in common use to facilitate picking out methods for the overall care of outfits. Introduction

Clean Freak is known as a concept of Cleaning Services offered to individuals and families, which includes dry cleaning and laundry. Clean Contact intends to supply affordable " luxury" cleaning to all. Top quality is made offered to everybody. Clean Freak is a good service provider. The core organization is the cleaning of clothes. Our skilled personnel team is usually taking care of each item having a great value. Removal of the spots, small repairs, top quality finishing are some of the features which make Clean Nut different.

Situation Analysis

Clean Freak service is entering its initially year as being a start-up business. The idea has become well received and marketing will be essential to the success of the business. Clean Freak offers a clean, practical laundry center for those that carry out their own laundry, as well as those in need of optional services. It will lure buyers in with exceptional customer service, account and discount facility, a pick and drop support of clothes.

Industry Summary

We certainly have captured great information about the industry and understand a fair quantity about the prospective customers. To look for the actual demand for the support a market study survey. We come across many people are interested and have superb demand for the offering we intend to deliver through our laundry service. The assistance are given simply by other companies are certainly not as good as people demand. The facilities wanted to customers like picking the clothes from your own home and deliver it back to homes and optional software program as complete service cleansing, alteration of garments and one day clean field service, very reasonable prices and also guarantee of usage of extremely good cleaning material are really admired from your respondents. CF's market details will be used to raised understand who may be served, their particular specific needs, and how VOIR can better communicate with these people. Market Pattern

The market developments are

• Now a day's people be a little more conscious about their dressing and in addition they want all their self more prominent due to their clean and shimmering clothes. • Media has also performing a very clear part in the dressing sensitivity in the people. • Now the top numbers of individuals are doing careers and they are professional so their very own executive environment demands that they should spice up mannerly. • Technology offers driven throughout the costs of equipment that offer scientific efficiencies. • Using technology reduces the dependence on human being labor. several P'S of Services Advertising

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