Losers making factory

 Losers producing factory Essay

п»їHong Kong, as a knowledge-based economy, is incredibly competitive. As well influenced by the traditional Oriental thinking that just education could bring along accomplishment and good fortune, parents features great targets on their children to have great academic effects. The make-or-break examination program even provides on the responsibility of students. All these factors include led to the mushrooming of cram colleges in Hong Kong.

The video displays the life of two completely different teenagers, JJ and Annie. JJ grew up in a comparatively poor as well as only experienced limited methods. Understanding that with no guarantee of the university place, he would most likely end up in a horrible situation in his future career. JJ was desperate for support and could only turn to stuff schools, with the expectation that the examination-oriented teaching style could assurance him an entrance ticket to universities.

Annie, alternatively, grew up in a rich friends and family which allows her to not only receive the greatest education, although also to consider interests such as piano playing. Instead of sitting down for the neighborhood examination, she would be seated for the International Baccalaureate. In contrast to JJ who was worried sick regarding entering school, she is designed high in coming into prestigious educational institutions to study her favourite subject, literature.

JJ and Annie signifies two factors of the society and demonstrates the riches gap together. Poorer family members which lack resources for education for their youngsters are very likely to keep their low income in the next generation, ending up in the cycle of poverty. Just very few may escape the vicious group through education or starting their own business. Whereas the success and fortune with the rich could continue grow. This would cause the modern of the riches gap concern.

Inside the video, Hk is referred to as a loss making manufacturer. Those who could enter university are viewed as winners while those who could hardly are guys. There is no question that using a university...

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