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Dennis O'Rourke conveys strong messages about the use of landmines in his documented, Landmines a love story. The overseer reveals the views of the Afghani persons towards the tool through various uses of obvious and also subliminal methods. Usually hidden by an audience, the music takes on a major part in how the audience is usually shown a defieicency of landmines. Jumping between scenes that seem to contradict each other, O'Rourke transmits his message home with juxtaposition. The irrelevant scenes throughout the documented appear to display two edges of an disagreement, but they actually follow the path the movie director is trying to get them to have. The audience, in spite of being voiced in a foreign language, the film is for american audiences, specifically Americans. Starting with George Bush's speech about Afghanistan, the audiences are rapidly under the influence of music effecting their very own emotions towards the issue. The moment shown moments of ladies making landmines and bombs, the background music is sort of hanging and also fairly creepy, this music continues on into the scene where the school children happen to be learning about the mines inside their normal classes. The music implies that landmines happen to be dangerous and really should be avoided with out actually stating so; in addition, it helps the juxtapositions to acquire more influence on the audience. Juxtapose Throughout the film, the viewer is positioned to view a moving scene about how landmines influence many persons, and then shown a my own being set, or developed. This makes the spectators help to make their own decision if what exactly they are seeing is right, but they are indicated towards the director's view subconsciously. Landmines are portrayed since bad weapons of mass destruction by O'Rourke plus the scenes that show landmines are greatly edited to demonstrate they are poor even if they don't seem to, these are usually the scenes found in the juxtapositions. Russians sitting mines is actually a recurring scene that is used through the documentary. These types of scenes are usually played after one offerring that landmines...

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