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 Kodak Dissertation

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MKTG 205 – Rules of Marketing



The goal of this dissertation is to present how Kodak will make usana products available to customers. It undergoes the division process because of their products too, as the select marketing channels which have been best for demonstrating distribution the products.



Capturing the memories worldwide one relatives at a time is definitely the goal only at Kodak. Through our earnings and development we are receiving one stage closer with each client we meet with our merchandise. We employ our division, target sales strategies, and firm to make this dream possible. Overview of Circulation Channels

Firstly a firm uses marketing channels to receive products to customers in the best way possible (Roger, 2013). There are diverse marketing stations that help business' to get products or services to the people that need it whether they are selling an item or support. This can be summed up into direct or perhaps in direct channel operate. Direct funnel is when the producer with this product or perhaps services bargains directly using its customers. A good example of this would be the creator of Scented Designs goes by mall to mall to trade his hand made scented candle lights. Indirect channels are when companies use intermediaries to execute individual functions that helps the corporation get there product to it is consumer. This may mean the merchandise has to proceed through a seller, agent, distributer, or even wholesaler before it gets to the consumer. An example of this would be Pepsi items that are bought from large quantities into a wholesaler whom then reduces the sizes to a retailer who in that case sales then simply to you. Best thing about roundabout channel is that the product is always available for the customer (Roger, 2013).

Analyze Concentrate on Market's Demands in Distribution Channels

Kodak's products are targeted to youngsters or households with kids. These people...

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