KFC continued to rule the chicken breast segment, with sales of 4. 5 billion it happened in 1999. Despite gain by boston market and Chilk-fill A, KFC consumer bottom remained faithful to the KFC brand due to its unique flavor. KFC offers continued to dominate the dinner and take out section of the sector. Strong trademarks recipes.

Ranks greatest among all chicken restaurant chains for its convinience and menu variety. Make $ 1B each year.

KFC was loosing business as various other chicken cycle increased sales at a faster rate. KFC share of Rooster Segment revenue fell coming from 71 percent 1989. To less than 56 percent in 1999, a 10-years drop of 15 percent. KFC leadership in U. S marketplace was and so extensive that it had fewer opportunities to expend its U. S cafe base, which has been only growing at about 1 percent per year. Failed to rank in top 20 in growth in 2000.

Lack of know-how about their buyer.

Lack of focus on R& D.



McDonald's made up 35% in the sandwich section while burger king ran a distant second, with a 16% market share. Every store sale a White castle remained level and Hardee's per retail outlet sale dropped by 10%. In family Segment, Good friend's and Shoney's were forced to shut down restaurants because of declining profits. In the Pizza Section, Pizza Hat and Tiny Caesars Closed underperforming restaurants. Boston Industry was a new restaurant chain that highlighted roasted instead of fried chicken. In 1999, Boston Market soon entered Personal bankruptcy proceedings. Church's broadened their menu to incorporate buffalo rooster wings, macaroni and cheese, beans and rice and collard freens. Baby boomers aged 35 to 50 constituted the largest buyer group intended for fast food restaurant.

McDonald's with sales of more than 19 billion dollars in 1999, accounted for 15% from the sales with the nation's best 100 cafe chains. McDonald's generated every store deal 1 . your five million per year. Much of the development in supper houses originated in new unit construction in suburban marketplace and tiny town. In Family Section, Steak and Cracker Barrel expend their restaurant simply by more than 10%. KFC closest competitor Popeye, ran a distant second with product sales og 1 . 0 billion. In early 1990's many industry analysts predict that Boston Market would challenge KFC for marketplace leadership. Boston market and Chick-Fil-A market share gains had been achieved mostly by tsking customer away from KFC. Popeye replaced Boston market since the

2nd most significant chicken string in 1999.

KFC Situational Analysis Summary

About KFC

KFC Malaysia is the popular fast food cafe in Malaysia; products that sells include chicken, cheese burger, nugget, meal, wedges, beverages, fries, coleslaw and many more. It has captured 44% of marketplace shares in Malaysia. Its first cafe was opened in 1973 on Sarana Tunku Abdul Rahman, today it has a lot more than 390 restaurants throughout Malaysia and growing. Among all, all their secret menu chicken may be the KFC most famous dish, it has great taste and really enjoyed by Malaysian ever since. Kentucky Nuggets was conceptualized in Malaysia, and found it is way to KFC throughout the world today. " Meals on Wheels”, was also produced in Malaysia, creating and bringing chance for people to preference where APPLEBEES might not available. KFC Kids' Chicky Club was also developed to suite for childrens. Chicky and Friends, the smoothness in the APPLEBEES, bring enjoyment and fun to all kids, a good example will be television system sponsored, The Chicky Hour, which transmitted on every Sunday morning in TV3. Various other activities produced by KFC Malaysia include Projek Penyayang APPLEBEES, Tabung Penyayang KFC, " Tabung Penyayang” KFC Collection Boxes, and 3 of KFC cafe are operted by conversation and hearing-impaired staffs. All the information above taken out from the KFC Malaysia website (KFC Holdings 2007). APPLEBEES Culture

Every fast food restaurants under Yum! Brands in the world have exceptional culture across the world,...

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