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Juice Guys™

In the summer of 1998, Nantucket Nectar create a subsidiary with their brand called Juice Fellas. This new item was comprised of fresh drink and wonderful fruit smoothie drinks which were taking over the West Coastline. Within three-and-a-half months, Juice Guys experienced sold a total of 175, 000 things ranging from smoothies, yogurts, iceberg, Nantucket Nectar drinks and fresh squashed juices. Juice Guys' revenue went up to 91% and so they made a profit of $227, 000 in sales.

Noticing the tremendous accomplishment within the market in such a small amount of time, Nantucket Licor and Drink Guys decided to expand this new juice selling concept in to the East Coastline. Their main focus in the East Coastline was development into the Boston market. Though this seemed like a great idea at the time, the founder of Juice Guys did not take into account the surrounding challenges that would have trying to enhance a concept in a new and different market. One among Juice Guys' biggest problems was in the differences in local climate and environment amongst the states that they had been trying to put into action their merchandise in. For example , Nantucket Isle, which is centered out of the Western world Coast, is recognized as their " summer-only retail concept” (Fox & Rushmore, 1999, g. 3). It is additionally considered a place where a lot of tourists like to visit. On the western part of the country Coast, it absolutely was very common to view many people drinking cool fruit drinks and taking pleasure in the weather and scenery. In contrast, the East Coast gets considerably chilly during the winter season and is regarded as a " metropolitan city” (Fox & Rushmore, 1999, p. 3). This in turn states that the East Coast is usually comprised of a less travel atmosphere and suffers climate changes that may affect a consumer drinking a cold fruit refreshment outdoors during certain times of the year. Another of Juice Guys' challenges was of product reputation and goal markets. It happened in 1999, Juice Guys' competitors, Jamba Juice and Zuka Drink opened up a shop at Yale University in...

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