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Intro to Paralegal 27.08.2019
 Intro to Paralegal Article

п»їSmith and Jones, L. A.

1234 Main Streets

New york city, N. Y. 10000

12 , 13, 2013

Ms. Mary Jones

95 Florida Isle

New York, N. Y. 1000

RE: Smith v. FONEM Auto Company

Dear Ms. Jones:

Please be advised which the court has scheduled your case for a settlement conference to get held on Friday, December 27, 2013 at 9: 30 a. m. The settlement convention will take place on the county court hosue located by 1050 Lawsuit Boulevard in New York. Mister. Smith provides requested you contact us at the earliest opportunity to arrange a moment and time to meet before the day with the court conference to discuss potential settlement of the claim against ABC Car Company. The objective of a settlement meeting is to aid the functions involved in discussing a possible resolution of all or part of the claim. The settlement seminar may both be voluntary or mandatory, meaning bought by the the courtroom. In this case it is often ordered by court. In a settlement convention a assess will attempt to assist the functions by considering the strengths and weaknesses of the case and make an attempt to negotiate money between functions in a lawsuit. The arrangement conference can be conducted at no cost to the get-togethers; however , all parties must be individually present on the conference. We appreciate your cooperation and timely respond in getting in touch with our office to timetable the meeting with Mr. Smith as expected prior to the convention date. Really,

Marie Ayafor, Legal Assistant



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