Into the Community Essay

 Into the Universe Essay

" Change in a wider world delivers equal way of measuring pleasure and pain” Discuss with close text-reference to the Account of Ben Brennan and two texts of your own picking. The story ‘The History of Mary Brennan' written by J. C Burke plus the film ‘Precious' directed simply by Lee Daniels are two texts which will revolve around the idea that an individual will encounter pain when transitioning in the world, nevertheless the change is over they are really meet with the same amounts of enjoyment. The behaviour of individuals are very important to the approach the personality cope with going into the community. In TSOTB tom actually has a bitter attitude to his fresh environment yet soon finds it easier to agree to his fresh scenario and to work with this with a confident attitude. This is also apparent in Precious since she initially has a bad attitude toward most things in life due to her home circumstance and university but when she transitions into the universe she benefits a more confident attitude. The actions of people can create positive modify and enable the person to push through various boundaries which may bring about new chances. Both text messaging show this through the personas going through tough times and once they begin to act on their scenarios opportunities learn to fall in the front of them. Toms negative attitude towards his new environment prevent him from successfully moving ‘into the world'. J. C Burke uncovers Toms bad attitude towards Daniels activities that ‘ruined' his life through the use of the motif of darkness and blackness. Mary refers to becoming " drawn deeper into that long black tunnel” great " black moods”. In attempt to escape his earlier Tom starts to lose his passion pertaining to football when he is unable to get his big oil anymore. If he is chosen for the St Bennies team he states " I may want to try out, this isn't my life anymore”. Toms negative attitude towards his situation result in his lost transition in his " new world ". Throughout the start of the film were...

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