Instruments of Ifugaos and Negritos

 Essay upon Instruments of Ifugaos and Negritos

Instruments of Ifugao



traditional Philippine instrument that is used to make choc sounds that resemble those of maracas. The instrument includes a long, skinny wooden handle, and, when it is played, it really is struck with another lengthy, slim bit of wood to produce the distinctive sound.


Four-holed nose flute. There are stories from this location that admit the nasal area flute was used to help rice grow when it was fresh, as the rice was attracted to the soft appears of the flute, and might grow to put its hearing above the water to hear that better.


lips valley flute, Open bamboo bedding pipe, top quality cut into the angle.


Set of in least eight wooden bars made of real wood. Each bar has its own frequency and is hit by the player with a brief stick of hard wood. Players have one adhere each and play their particular rhythmic pattern, which show up together.

Tools of negritos


the strings which are created from thin strips of bamboo bedding still placed on the main body raised by small wood bridges intended for ease in plucking these people. The main person is a piece of bamboo cut with ends sealed by the client. These bamboo instruments create short, unattached sounds that are distinctly different from the twangy appears of the guitar.


a nose flute made from bamboo from the Philippines. Usually around two foot in length a kalaleng provides holes cut in the part, to be ended by the fingertips producing the notes. The participant closes 1 nostril with a bit of cotton, then pushes the air from the other right into a small carry cut in the end of the pipe. �



traditional Philippine instrument which is used to make carambolage sounds that resemble those of maracas. The instrument has a long, skinny wooden deal with, and, if it is played, it is struck with another extended, slim piece of wood to produce the special sound.

Tracks of Negrito

Duerme Negrito

Duerme, duerme, negrito

os quais tu mom está~en el campo, negrito

te va~a traer codornices

para ti

te va~a traer rica fruta

para ti

te va~a traerse muchas cosas

para ti.

Y si un negro zero se duerme

viene el diablo proposito

y zas le come la patita

chacapó, chacapó, chacapó,

chacapó, chacapó, chacapó,

lay laray la la laray la

que su mama está en un campo

negrito, trabajando, (sí)

trabajando, en totalidad el rato,

trabajando, sí.

Duerme, duerme, negrito

que tu mom está en el sector

negrito, negrito


Te contaré la historia

verdaderamente triste para recordar,

la cual trata sobre un negrito

con trik angelical.

Pero según memoria,

al conocer a hablar,

salió no entanto deslenguado

o qual un perico de extrarradio.

Negrito Sandía

ya no diga picardía

Negrito Sandía

o te acuso que tiene tu tía.

Y mientras ella te va a agarrar

en los cajones he para buscar

la libreta afin de apuntar

los garrotazos os quais te veterans administration a dar.

Con el palo la cual utiliza

este castigo te horroriza.

Sumado a después entre ma paliza

myself voy a morir para risa.

Negrito Sandía

ya no diga picardía

O ya verá, O en este momento verá.

Y sigue aquí el relato,

tan triste de insistir,

de encanto negrito hermoso

igual a un querubín.

Por tu comportamiento

recomendaciones o consejos yo le dí,

sumado a como buen ingrato

mis guardó sobre un calcetín.

Negrito Sandía (mareas)

aquella vez dices tonterías (tan feas)

y te sale ¡cataplum! de la abertura

una culebrita loca.

Un día que sea mayor de momento,

y te presentes en sociedad,

serás grosero sumado a descortés

alguna vez discutas con un marqués.

Pues siguiendo tu costumbre

hablarás hechando fuego.

además, para buena hambre,

te echarán por la hueco.

Negrito Sandía

ya simply no diga groserias.

O ya verá. O ya verá.

Songs of Ifugao

Hitun Algo

Hitun Algo a great e nadatngan

An e taku punhi-anan

Tun adol way naminhodan

Tun adol an electronic uumyong


Hi bigbigat ume kami

Mu adim ot anhan kaliwan

Hantun mahmo a great tagu

An e midaddawi ke dakayu

Dakol de uma di binabai

An mestisa'y ang-ang da

Mo house maid pinhod el dida

Te he'ay dalam impuhuwan

Nomnomnomom adim kal-iwan

Handin kinalik ke he'a

Te cleaning service udum hello there pinpinhod ko

Ten he'a ya......

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