What lengths is it suitable for technology to be utilized only for financial benefits

 How far would it be acceptable intended for technology to get used just for financial rewards Essay

п»їThe fiero development of technology has certainly become a fundamental element of our lives. Seemingly, we often entail technology practically in every aspect of our lives. Consequently, business in technology place seems incredibly enticing for many people as they could generate a lot of cash in on this field. Hence, more and more people start to spend money on it. Nevertheless , as folks are getting participated in profit maximisation, complications concerning values and social welfare learn to arise from technology. A few argue that the usage of technology simply for financial gain is suitable because such benefit may be redistributed to the less happy ones to enhance their wellbeing. However , others claim that it can be unacceptable for this because people, most of the time, may follow such benefit at the charge of others. I actually, personally, am more likely to the last mentioned stand while the sole using technology to get financial gain will package a perilous blow towards the global world. It is appropriate to use technology for financial benefit only because it can not directly contribute to the social welfare. This is due to some of the earnings gained from the selling of such technology is used to help those in need. Hence, money received is, in many ways, redistributed towards the poor to boost their wellbeing. A case in a point is a Gates Foundation in which Invoice Gates, the founder of Microsoft, stations some of his profit from his business in the computer field to build this foundation to empower the needy to lead a better lifestyle. his is obviously unacceptable mainly because every person gets the right to possess fair pay and enjoy favorable working environment. Therefore, the use of technology only for economic benefit is still unacceptable, regardless of such advantage that may be accustomed to help the previous and the least, if some groups are being made even worse off in the act.

Furthermore, focusing only about financial gain when we harness technology will make technological creation shifts on the favour of...