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St . Mary's College of Catbalogan

Catbalogan Samar

S. Y. 2011 – 2013


SCICOMATH Club fund: S 450. 00

Summer 29. 2012

Purpose: Message board building for the month of July.

Total cost of materials: P 50. 00

Staying amount: P400. 00

Come july 1st 28, 2012

Purpose: Bulletin board structuring for the month of August. Total cost of components: P 85. 00

Staying amount: L 320. 00

August 31, 2012

Purpose: Bulletin panel structuring for the month of September Total cost of materials: G 100. 00

Remaining amount: P 230. 00

Sept 20, 2012

Purpose: Decorating of certificates and purchase of other prices for the closing plan of Scientific research and Mathematics Month Celebration. Total cost of supplies: P 75. 00

Leftover amount: zero

December eight, 2012

Total amount gathered: P three hundred. 00

Goal: Purchase of prices for the for the first reach-out visit of target family members in seawall. Total price: P 2 hundred. 00

Remaining amount: P 90. 00

January 28, 2013

Purpose: Bulletins board structuring for the month of February Total cost of materials: P 75. 00

Remaining amount: zero

February dua puluh enam, 2013

Total amount collected: P 35. 00

Purpose: Bulletin plank structuring for the month of Mar

Total expense of materials: G 35. 00

Remaining sum: 0

Prepared by:

Pensotes, Paul Peter

SCICOMATH Club treasurer

Approved by:

Mister. Eriberto A. Viros


St . Mary's College of Catbalogan

Catbalogan Samar


06 2012

There are 21 college students who will be officially listed member of SCICOMATH CLUB. During the later part of this month, the newest set of officials was picked. Club by-laws and new annual ideas were talked about during the meetings. September 2012

As of this month, Science and Mathematics Month party was launched. Associates prepared supplies for the several activities to become conducted. Trivia questions received every early morning before the banner...

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