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Yvonne Shao

5 Mar 2013

Not really a Legend: early 1900s as Wonderful Filmic Artwork

What is a good work of art? Art is definitely not as straightforward as beauty. Beauty can be something that keeps in a person's memory and vanishes at some point, but real art will never be lose conveniently. When people leave from an exhibition or a theater of a great fine art, there is something that breaks away from superficial effects and possesses an extended pattern. This can be the essence of art, which can be constant, highly effective and significant. Filmic art, as an essential branch of art, consists in filmic facts encompassing equally aesthetic and linguistic factors. More specifically, filmic art can be not simply the photographs and the noises of the film itself, nevertheless the themes and expression that directors make an effort to express through the characters' personas and stories. " The Legend of 1900”, a 1998 Italian film described by Giuseppe Tornatore, representing a talented pianist's whole life who hardly ever touch the dry land. Persons praise 1900's talent of music and use " magic” to explain this movie, but they rarely see 1900's innermost thoughts and sense which determine the movie being a great work of filmic fine art. Audiences can easily see the concept of the the film through 1900's whole life and also learn insistence and optimistic attitude in the 1900's personality. Danny Boodman T. Deb. Lemons early 1900s, a boy forgotten in first class by his immigrant father and mother. 1900 was found and adopted simply by Danny, a stoker, and raised inside the engine rooms. After Danny's death within an accident, early 1900s remained on the ship and increasingly tempted by the appear of the piano in the first-class ballroom. Sooner or later, he started to be a skilled pianist and a great brighten improvisationist. He plays unbelievable jazz improvisationally just by looking at a person's appearance, action, gown and through their mood. His expertise earned him such accolades that having been challenged by simply, yet for the richness and variety of his musical phrase, he under no circumstances left the ship, other than almost, when,...

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