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Table of Contents


The Initially Query4

Advertising Mix Tools4

Product Life Pattern Model6

Three Level Model7

PEST Analysis8

SWOT Analysis10

The Second Query11

Internet Advertising12

E-mail Marketing13

Viral Marketing13

Social Net Marketing13

On the net Marketing13

The 3rd Query14

Your fourth Query17



Tiny, the popular term of a tiny car that was manufactured in 1959 and 2001. It absolutely was a revolutionary and characterful tiny car created by Alec Issigonis (1906-1988). This individual combined cost-effective transport, figure and entertaining all together. This is the initially car on the globe with a slanted engine and front-wheel drive, an idea that is nonetheless being used. The Mini was produced in the same way for 4 decades (Simms, 2008). In 2001, BMW (which had the trademark privileges of Mini) launched a new model, " New Mini”. This was extremely successful and was well favored by the shoppers, because it still have the icon contained the old stylish car, but with a fresh look. The researcher features noticed that nearly all one to two years a new model was (re)introduced. Currently taking an example in the year 2007 new of the replacement, beneficiary of Mini entered the market. In this new version the auto has a stop wagon and double rear doors, which will received the name " Clubman”. The organization has a symbol as being spontaneous and independent (Simms, 2007). The core elements of TINY are fun, interesting and first (McCartie, 2011).

The First Query

The first question that may be examined was to draw a great analysis of MINI's current marketing strategy. There are lots of models and theories had a clear idea of how MINI's marketing works. The 1st tool that is examined is a marketing combine tool (Baines et 's, 2009). This can be an essential instrument in the promoting world, this consists of the merchandise, Price, Promo and Place in the company. The product of Tiny is cars; the company includes a total of 6 several cars, they are: Mini Hatch out, Mini Coupe, Mini Collapsible, Mini Clubman and Mini Countryman (Mini, 2011). Every car goes into a certain product life cycle (Xie and Simon, 2006). If the car actually reaches a certain stage (maturity or declining) in accordance to Kohn (2006) this individual explains that, a company just like Mini can easily decide to re-launch a new edition of that car or perhaps avoid it from the marketplace (the latter does not happen quickly inside the auto sector as firms prefer to kick off a new version). The price of Mini is considered to be a higher. According to McCartie (2011) Mini falls into the superior car portion. Although there are numerous factors which could affect the cost of the car, such as engine size, engine sport version, etc . Yet , Mini cars derive from a high-value strategy when contemplating that Mini delivers high quality product which has a high price. Mini is locating a lot of effort when looking at the promotion factor. A broad variety of advertising has been used to enhance the company, advertisements such as: Internet (which is further elaborated in the third question), tv commercials, immediate marketing, selling (Olympic Games), public relation, Billboards, outdoor advertisements, car radio, magazines, films (The Italian language Job, Austin texas Powers a few and James Bond).

Determine 1 Marketing Mix

Designed by al Husni (2011)

Number 1 Marketing Mix

Created by al Husni (2011)

Thinking about the place perspective, according to McCartie (2011) she clarifies that, you will find 146 dealers in the UK who have are franchised to sell Mini cars. Mini does not own these types of franchises, nevertheless they take all their brand very seriously. As they provide a full marketing support for their dealers. The pattern of division of Mini is as comes after: Manufacturer -> Dealers -> Consumers (Simms and Trott, 2007). This kind of marketing tool combine has been expanded with 3 additional P's: People, Method and Physical Evidence which in turn...

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