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 Four Months Goes to Panama Essay


Panama is with the most important airport hubs in Latin America and Panama's Authorities is going to prolong Panama Cacera which will increase the number of tourists. Today, the companies of structure and hotel are expending quickly as well as the supplyI struggles to meet the demand about the areas especially in the top seasons. I thnk it is the best chance for Four Months to start a hotel in Panama OVERVIEW OF FOUR TIME HOTELS Founded by Isadore Sharp in 1960, Four Seasons Resorts & Areas (FSH& R) started the first hotel in Barcelone, Ontario around 1962 (now its headquarters. ) So far, you will find 80 resorts in more than 30 countries around the word under Several Seasons Hotels & Areas chain which can be positioned being high-end, luxury hotels in the hotel industry. FSH& R's strength is it is diversity and singularity meaning that FSH& 3rd there’s r could undertake in every lifestyle and improve wherever FSH& R is. FSH& R also gives excellent personal service to gratify every guests in the motel. This traditions and mentality was established in 1970s after the starting of FSH& R working in london, England, and through their guiding principle of the Golden Rule – to treat others as you wish to be treated – FSH& R successfully extended in the U. S. considering that the 1980s sometime later it was Europe and Asia inside the 1990s.


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In support of Four Periods Hotel's operation in the future, the number of visitors going to Panama has increased dramatically for the ten years as there are not simply many attractive sights located throughout the city at the beach, on st. kitts and in the forest, but in addition to moderate temperatures during complete year which is from 70 degrees to 90 certifications. The number of tourists arriving between January and September 2008 was 1, 110, 1000, 13. 1% or 128, 452 tourists. This was a tremendous increase to the 982, 640 travelers who arrived in a similar period of 2007, a year that beat all records regarding the entry of tourists in the...

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