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 Force and Lever Equip Essay

1 . What are the two types of rubbing that affect the performance of your vehicle? The first sort of friction that affects the mousetrap car is called going friction. This type of friction occurs in between the wheels from the car and the surface from the ground it moves on. The second type is known as the moving friction which will occurs among the axles and the mounting brackets.

2 . What concerns related to rubbing did you encounter and exactly how did you solve them? We realized that at times the car would arrive to a unexpected stop. We all realised that may be most likely due to too much going friction between your axle as well as the frame, hence causing the wheels to halt turning which makes the car stop. We solved this kind of by disassembling the axle from the shape and re-attaching it to larger axle holes to make sure that they will not press resistant to the frame as they spin.

several. What factors did you take into account to choose the number of wheels you select in your design and style? The more wheels present in your vehicle, the more chaffing will be present. More scrubbing present means more rolling mass. The more rolling mass you have, the more the needed energy to travel farther and faster can be. This means then that you must simply use several wheels because needed to maintain your vehicle secure.

4. What kind of tires did you use on each axle? What is the result of using large or perhaps small tires? For this job, we employed water jar caps draped in electric tape. How big the tire in comparison to the axle it is put on greatly influences the torque (or the pulling force) as well as the yanking distance. In the event you larger wheels and a compact axle, you can achieve increased distance but less electric power. Therefore , you need to find a well-balanced ratio involving the size of the wheel plus the axle since if it provides too little electrical power, it will not end up not moving at all.

5. Explain just how Newton's initially, second, and third regulations apply to the performance of the vehicle. Newton's first law states which the vehicle...

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