Financial Examination

 Essay about Financial Examination

Term Conventional paper on Financial Performance Evaluation

(For the Part Fulfillment of financial and bureaucratic accounting Course Code: MASTER OF BUSINESS ADMINISTATION 514)

Submitted to: A. S. Kannan (assistant professor)

Submitted by simply: Abel Dula

Aynemogn Getachew

Mekonen Yimer

School of Organization And Economics

Dilla University


January, 26, 2012

Stand of Items


1 ) Introduction5

1 ) 1Back ground of the organization5

1 . 2Objective of the study7

1 . 2 . 1 The general objective7

1 . 2 . 2Specific objective from the study7

1 ) 3Research methodology8

1 . a few. 1 . Supply of data8

1 ) 3. 2 . Methods of data analysis8

1 . 4Significance in the study8

1 ) 5Delimitation from the study8

1 . 6Limitation with the study9

2 . Literature review9

2 . 1 . An more than view of economic Statement9

installment payments on your 2 Aim of financial analysis10

2 . 2 . Tools and Techniques of FPA11

installment payments on your 2 . 1 . Horizontal Analysis11

2 . installment payments on your 2 . Vertical analysis12

installment payments on your 2 . 3. Trend Analysis12

2 . installment payments on your 4. Employing Ratios to create Decisions12

2 . 3. Warning in Financial Affirmation Analyses13

several. DATA business presentation and analysis14

3. 1 . Horizontal Analysis for the last Two years14

three or more. 1 . 1 . Interpretation to get the evaluation of "balance sheet" using Horizontally Analysis17

several. 2 . Top to bottom analysis the past Two years19

3. three or more. Trend research for the last Five years25

3. 4. Proportion analysis for the last three years29

3. 4. 1 . Fluidity ratio29

several. 4. 2 . Activity/efficiency/ ratio33

3. 5. 7. Success ratio40

a few. 4. almost 8. Evaluating Earnings Adequacy45


We want to record the sincere honor to Prof. A. T. Kannan for assigning us to prepare this term paper. We feel much honored to get such an chance at this stage of our career. The opportunity has offered us the chance to Practice the knowledge and gain more deeply insight within the financial Statement analysis. We also lengthen our legitimate appreciation and thanks to Harrar brewer Reveal Company's shashemene staffs especially to the revenue branch manager Ato Seyoum Tadesse without his useful assistance the task of this newspaper would have certainly not been productive.

Shortened forms

F. Sumado a Fiscal 12 months

FPA Financial efficiency Analysis

NPBT Net profit before taxation

Sh. Company. Share Company

CR current ratio

QR Quick ratio

A/R Account receivables

DERDebt Collateral Ratio



CGSCost of goods offered

Set of Tables

Table several. 1 Relative Balance Linens with Horizontal Analysis Stand 3. two Comparative Salary Statements with Horizontal Research Table three or more. 3 Relative balance sheets of Harrar brewery sh. Co. because on Sene 30, 2006 and 3 years ago Table a few. 4 Comparison Income Declaration of Harrar brewery you will need. Co. intended for the year ended Sene 30, 2006 and 2007 Desk 3. a few Balance sheet tendency analysis of harrar brewery Share Firm Table 3. 6 Income statement tendency analysis of harrar brewery Share Business Table several. 7 Current ratio

Table 3. 8 speedy ratio

Table a few. 9 brief summary of fluidity ratio

Desk 3. 10 Receivables Turnover ratio

Table several. 11 Days sales uncollected

Desk 3. doze Inventory turnover ratio

Table a few. 13 payables turnover rate

Table a few. 14 days payables Turnover percentage

Table several. 15 Debt equity proportion

Stand 3. 16 Interest protection ratio

Table a few. 17 gross profit margin graphical presentations

Table three or more. 18 Go back on property ratio

Stand 3. 19 Asset yield ratio

Table 3. 20 Return upon Equity

Stand 3. twenty one cash flow adequacy computation

Set of Figures

Figure a few. 1 Top to bottom analysis of Harrar brewery sh. Co. graphical representation Figure a few. 2 Up and down analysis of Harrar brewery sh. Co. graphical illustration Figure a few. 3 Straight analysis of Harrar brewery sh. Co. graphical representation Figure several. 4 pattern sales, expense of goods marketed, total expense and duty expense Number 3. 5 trend evaluation of product sales and net profit just before...

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