Identifying your research Method

 Identifying the Research Method Composition

п»їName: Molly Ruler

Assignment: Figuring out the research approach

In order to assess research projects, and understand their strengths and limitations, you ought to first understand which type of research method is being used. First, type your name in the space indicated previously mentioned. Then classify each of the following research studies as experimental, correlational, or observational/qualitative. Simply type an Elizabeth, C, or perhaps O in the space under each analyze to indicate form of study. This assignment will probably be graded on a 100-point level. Ten points will be subtracted for each incorrect categorization of a study. The assignment will probably be worth 3% of your overall grade in this time.

1 ) Cheryl Vance, an insurance company at ValueLife Insurance Co., aims to decide whether the crash rate varies for 2 doors versus four-door versions of the identical car version. She collects National Road Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) data upon eight car models, each of which has both two- and four-door versions, and compares the accident rate for the two versions. The girl finds that overall, the two-door editions have an incident rate that is certainly 136% of this of the 4 doors versions.

Exploration method: C

2 . Gerald Mims would like to test the hypothesis that companies with larger advertising and marketing budgets could have larger industry shares. He gathers info on the size of advertising budget plus the market share for 142 medium-sized companies. He finds that companies with larger advertising budgets do in fact have larger industry shares.

Research method: C

3. Melinda Feltner desires to test the hypothesis that small and medium-sized companies have got higher proceeds rates than do larger companies. She collects 10 years of turnover info in 3 groups of corporations: small , moderate, and large (defined according to the volume of employees). Feltner finds that turnover price is maximum in tiny companies, reduced in significant companies, and in-between in medium firms.

Research method: C...

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