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Maternity Welfare Benefits Laws And Implementation

Expectant mothers Welfare:

All women shall be qualified for, and her employer will be liable for, the payment of maternity gain, which is the quantity payable to her at the level of the typical daily salary for the time of her actual absence.


The Bangladesh Work Code, 06\

Chapter - 4

Expectant mothers Welfare Services

Section: 45. Prohibition of woman employees prohibited in most cases. - (1) Not any employer shall knowingly use a woman in the establishment throughout the eight weeks immediately following the morning of her delivery.

(2) No female shall work in any organization during the 8 weeks immediately following the day of her delivery.

(3) Not any employer shall employ a woman for carrying out any function which is associated with an arduous mother nature or which involves long hours of standing or perhaps which is likely to adversely influence her-

a if this lady has reason to trust or in the event that she has educated him that she is very likely to ne sent of a kid within ten weeks; m if she gets to the understanding of the employer been delivered of your child within the preceding five weeks;

Provided that in the case of a tea plantation worker she may take on light work in the planting for provided that the medical practitioner of the worried tea planting certifies that she is fit to do so; and then for the days that she does such work, she should be paid at the prevailing charge of salary for these kinds of work, and so on wages will be paid with her in addition to the expectant mothers benefit.

Section: 46. Right to, and liability to get, payment of maternity benefit- (1) Every woman employed in a great establishment should be entitled to, and her workplace shall be responsible for, the payment of maternal benefit in regards to the period of eight several weeks preceding the expected working day of her delivery and eight weeks immediately following the day of her delivery;

Provided that a woman shall not be entitled to this sort of maternity profit unless she has worked with the employer for not below six months right away preceding your day of her delivery.

(2) No girl shall be entitled to such advantage if she has, at the time of delivery, two or more living through children, however in that circumstance she should be entitled to any leave where she is normally entitled.

Section: 47. Process regarding payment of expectant mothers benefit- (1) Any pregnant woman entitled to maternity advantage under this code may, on any day, give recognize either orally in person or in writing to her employer that she wants to be limited within 8-10 weeks in the notice and such notice shall nominate a person for the purpose of receiving payment of the advantage in case of her death.

two If simply no such detect is given by woman, she shall, inside seven days of her delivery, give notice to the workplace that this wounderful woman has given beginning to a kid. 3 Each time a notice referred to in sub-section (1) or perhaps (2) is usually received, the employer shall enable the woman to absent very little for work-

a from your day following the date of notice in case of notice beneath subsection (1); b through the day of delivery in the case of notice underneath subsection (2), until 8 weeks following the day of delivery.

four An employer shall pay maternal benefit into a woman permitted thereto in such one of the following methods as the women desires, namely-

(a) intended for eight weeks within three working days with the production of your certificate authorized by a registered medical practitioner stating that the female is anticipated to be limited within 8 week with the date of certificate as well as for the remainder in the period that she is entitled to maternity profit within 3 working days in the production with the proof that she has offered birth to a child; or

c to get the stated period up to the day of delivery within just three business days of the creation of resistant that this wounderful woman has given birth to a child and for the remaining of the explained period, within just eight weeks of the development of these kinds of proof; or

d intended for...

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