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1. What exactly is data storage place?

A data warehouse is described in this section as " a pool of data developed to support decision making. ” This kind of focuses on the necessities, leaving away characteristics that may vary from a single DW to a different but are certainly not essential to the essential concept. The same paragraph offers another description: " a subject-oriented, bundled, time-variant, non-volatile collection of data in support of management's decision-making procedure. ” This definition adds more particulars, but in just about every case appropriate: it is hard, in the event that not difficult, to conceive of the data factory that would not really be subject-oriented, integrated, etc .

2 . Just how is a info warehouse different from a databases?

Technically a data warehouse is known as a database, even if with particular characteristics to facilitate its role in decision support. Specifically, nevertheless , it is (see previous question) an " integrated, time-variant, nonvolatile, subject-oriented repository of detail and summary data used for decision support and business stats within an firm. ” These characteristics, which are discussed even more in the section just after the definition, are not always true of databases in general—though every could apply individually into a given a single. As a sensible matter the majority of databases are highly normalized, simply to avoid bring up to date anomalies. Info warehouses are really denormalized for performance reasons. This is suitable because their particular content will certainly not be updated, just added to. Historical data are static. several. What is an ODS?

Detailed Data Store is the data source from which an enterprise operates with an on-going basis. 4. Differentiate among a data mart, an ODS, and an EDW.

An ODS (Operational Info Store) is the database that a business functions on an ongoing basis. Both equally an EDW and a data mart will be data facilities. An EDW (Enterprise Data Warehouse) is an all-encompassing DW that covers all subject areas of interest to the complete organization. An information mart is a smaller DW designed about one issue, organizational function, topic, or other suited focus location. 5. Make clear the importance of metadata.

Metadata, " data about info, ” would be the means through which applications and users gain access to the content of your data storage place, through which its security can be managed, and through which organizational management handles, in the the case sense of the word, its information assets. Most database management systems would be unable to function without at least several metadata. Indeed, the use of metadata, which enable data gain access to through titles and reasonable relationships instead of physical locations, is important to the extremely concept of a DBMS. Metadata are essential to the database, not only a data storage place. (See response to Review Problem 2 with this section above. )

Section 2 . 2 Review Concerns

1 . Describe the data warehousing process.

The information warehousing process consists of the next steps: 1 ) Data will be imported by various external and internal sources. 2 . Data are cleansed and arranged consistently with the organization's requires. 3. a. Data will be loaded into the enterprise data warehouse, or perhaps

b. Data are loaded into info marts.

4. a. In the event desired, info marts are manufactured as subsets of the EDW, or

m. The data marts are consolidated into the EDW.

5. Studies are performed as necessary

2 . Illustrate the major aspects of a data factory.

Data resources. Data will be sourced by operational devices and possibly from external info sources. Data extraction. Data are extracted using custom-written or commercial software known as ETL. Data loading. Data are filled into a workplace set ups area, exactly where they are converted and cleansed. The data are then prepared to load in the data warehouse. Comprehensive databases. This is the EDW that helps decision research by providing relevant summarized and detailed data. Metadata. Metadata are maintained for access by IT employees and users. Metadata consist of rules for organizing info summaries which have been easy to index and search. Middleware...

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