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" Truth and Honesty is a oldest and a lot powerful of all the human values” (Gary King). Gary King, professor by Harvard College or university, emphasizes that truth and honesty could be an engrained ideals of man. These values are practiced by John Proctor and John Reverend Hale in The Crucible, and by Angela and Sister Gaudentia in document - It can 2013, And They're Burning ‘Witches'. John Proctor and Angela do not confess and be genuine and honest. Mr. Hale and Sibling Gaudentia ensure that the innocent, falsely accused people against society plus they believe that because their responsibility. Exhibited through The Crucible and It's 2013, And They're Burning up ‘Witches', when society stresses the individual to modify, an individual preserves his or her individual values when you are honest, genuine and appreciate individual's personal responsibility. David Proctor and Angela similarly share all their value of honesty. An easy farmer with Puritans' values, John Proctor, shows his honesty inside the court with all the confession that he had dedicated adultery. Inside the hope of life, Proctor signs his false admission and later says, " I actually lie and sign myself to is situated! Because I actually am not worth the dust for the feet of them that suspend!  How may possibly I live without my own name? I've given you my soul; keep me my own name! ” (Miller—Act IV) This demonstrates that how Proctor is genuine to Rebecca Nurse and Martha Corey, Proctor as well keeps his integrity and stick to the fact by not confessing witchcraft. Similarly, forty year-old widow, Angela, will try not to offer a false name as a witch and contains the self applied. Although Angela once provides name during her trial and seems dishonest nevertheless ends up with being genuine and not provide any more brands, and is still silent as being a John Proctor does inside the Crucible. Steve Proctor and Angela will be being genuine to their souls and to the community through not giving virtually any false names. Thus, David Proctor and Angela deal with the social pressure and maintain their ideals through staying honest. The...

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