Environment Problem

 Environment Obstacle Essay

Subject: CUSHION 530

Campus: Washington Deb. C

Mentor Name: UDOH UDOM

College student Name: Sayed Rohullah

Task Number 1: Rational and evaluation for firm selected

Public admin administrator and difficulties in changing environment

Launch: in these days across the world every minute the agencies are under building as well a few of them are falling apart. Building and collapsing the agencies are relevant to in-text mismanagement and good managing. No doubt that all those agencies will accomplishment and continue to be stable, all their foundations happen to be underlying to choose best strategy. Any way for the behind of every success organization the insurance plan makers and good managers for employing the technique and procedures are professional and learned staff in conceptually. Likewise the collapsed agencies mainly relevant to mismanagement as well neither existence great strategy and policy. This kind of two over reason usually faces the managers being how to deal with? And just how they should smooth the challenges and changing the environment? From this essay Let me assume the role of president of Afghanistan Over ten years before achievements and challenges also his mismanagement. Over 1 decade the planet and its personal situation altered by the U. S and coalition pushes; the new interim government set up and opened a new web page in Afghanistan social your life. The new govt had to make and front the way for progressive Afghanistan which some of them don effectively and some of other hadn't established but. Those issue that bedcover people were looking while the U. S and coalition pushes entered to Afghanistan was stabilizing security, transferring the political electricity, school opening for children young boys and girls, preparing the newest constitution, plus some others these all had add accurately.

Agency function: --

In the first years the situation and issues was very huge and complicate because of over 3 decade of war discord. All our infra and supra were emaciated such as economics, disaster roads,...

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