English since Global Terminology

 English since Global Dialect Essay

Nguyen Thanh Hai


English – the international language

At the moment, regarding 2 . 000 million people speak Chinese as their mother tongue, whereas regarding 450 million speak English language. As adhere to this requirements, Chinese has to be the planet's global tongue. However , people all over the world love to use English as the other language instead of Chinese and currently English language is becoming a growing number of popular while the intercontinental language. It strikes me that, I agree with this judgment by quite a few reasons.

Firstly, we all consider the origins with the English. We know that Great Britain was obviously a powerful empire in sixteenth century. They will invaded small and fragile countries and settled. Areas where the English settled had been called colonies. Trade between the mother nation and the colonies became key point. The language applied was English so British traveled worldwide. Now English language has for more than 150 years been known as world vocabulary.

Subsequently, English is very popular, it present on every country. In more than 60 countries it is applied officially or without the sanction of government and is prominent in 20 even more. There are 3 kinds of English language speakers, those who speak it as their initial language, individuals who speak this as a second language and those whom learn that a foreign dialect. Today, regarding 400 mil people speak English because their mother tongue or first language. In addition , more than 50 mil children research English as an additional language at major level and also 80 , 000, 000 study this at secondary level.

Thirdly, today we is going to acknowledge that English can be sweeping the planet's physical, economic, ethnical and internet. It is the language of tourism, of markets and trade, of the Net. It's the terminology the fresh in the producing world, the formerly highly effective world. It really is becoming a global language as opposed to any other in the history. Besides that, British is an ever more classless dialect. It includes more than...

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