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 Eng Ext Revised Trial Essay Watts Plath



The texts from this elective indicate the ways in which composers try out ideas and form to question human beliefs and values.!

Texts studied in ‘After the Bomb' echo a skepticism of typical ideologies common in the Chilly War (1945-1990) era. These shifting social, political and cultural values caused an ideological warfare that affected many to reevaluate their particular beliefs and alter their particular perception around the nature of humanity. The texts in this elective undoubtedly reflects how composers try out ideas and form as a way of wondering human beliefs and principles. Through the treatment of fiel forms and features, Sylvia Plath's poetry " The Applicant” and " The Arrival with the Bee Box” questions materialistic values and prejudiced considering. Joseph Heller's Catch-22 utilizes a variety of satirical techniques to produce an absurdist atmosphere that both critiques and queries utilitarianism and capitalism. Alfred Hitchcock's horror film The Birds (1963) uses suspenseful film methods and Gregory Corso's poem The Whole Mess... Almost (1973) experiments with conventions from the Beat Technology to reflect concerns of deteriorating humanity.!


" The Applicant” experiments with ideas and type to problem human values and materialistic values. The poem invokes a series of pictures of household objects together with the aperture of mass consumerism. This is appropriately conveyed inside the lines, 
 " How about this suit-!

Black and stiff, but not a bad fit.!

Are you going to marry this? ”!

The utilization of rhyme produces the musicality of advertisements, critiquing the American advertising sector. The use of rhetorical questioning addresses the power of the person to accept or refuse, signifying the challenge for people to both conform or rebel against materialism. The exaggerated use of advertising language throughout the poem stresses that both men and women happen to be objectified in society because corporate agencies, merely described by their belongings....

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