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1 . Based on the Hire Order Act, 1967 stated that hire obtain is the employing of goods with an option to get. Is it applicable to all types of goods? Make clear it.


A limited array of goods can be covered by the Hire – Purchase Take action 1967. They are listed in the First Plan and may become varied by Minister from time to time. The current list comprises the following: * Almost all consumer goods

* Automobiles, namely

* Unacceptable carriages

2. Motor cycles

* Engine cars including taxi cabs and hire cars

5. Good vehicles ( the place that the maximum permissible laden fat does not exceed 2, 540 kilograms) 5. Buses, including stage busses.

Consumer items is described in section 2(1) to mean items purchased for private, family and home hold goal. In consequence, goods (other than motor vehicles) which would normally become regarded as customer goods yet purchased for business purpose or use, just like for usage in the office, happen to be excluded from the Act. Yet , there is apparently an disparity. While section 1(2) reports that the Work applies in respect only of hire – purchase contract relating to items specified in the First Plan, section 4(1) mentions hire- purchase contract in respect of any kind of goods. To avoid the disparity, one strategy would be to read the expression any goods simply by reference to section 1(2) to mean virtually any goods classified by the initial schedule. Due to section 2(1), goods also includes any alternative or renewal by the hirer of any kind of part or parts and any components added by hirer throughout the employing.

In Kesang Leasing Sdn Bhd Vs Mohd Yusof Bin Ismail & Anor 1990 1MLJ 291, the High Court held that section 1(2) did not banish the application of conditions of the Act to hire- purchase contracts in respect of products outside it is coverage provided the parties to an arrangement consented to be bound by them. This kind of construction provides doubtless expanded the opportunity of the Act to allow celebrations the liberty of agreeing being bound by the Act in regards to those merchandise not typically regulated. In this case, the parties have consented to be certain by conditions of the Work in respect of some type of computer.

installment payments on your The concept for hire purchase can be monthly installment should be paid by hirer and control will be transferred to the hirer after all the installment have been paid. Based on the declaration, explain:

a) The responsibilities of hirer

b) The rights of hirer


A. The duties of hirer

5. Read all of the fine print inside the written agreement.

Penyewa perlu mempelajari terma-terma perjanjian sewa tumbas sebelum memulakan sesuatu urusniaga. * Di dalam konteks sewabeli, melimpah perkara-perkara yang harus diketahuisebelum sesuatu urusniaga sewabeli diaplikasikan. Perkara-perkara ini adalahseperti yang dinyatakan di bawah.

a)Barang-barang di bawah sewabeli.

Akta Sewabeli 1967 hanya melindungi sejumlah barang-barang yang disenaraikan di dalam jadual pertama. Ini termasuklah:

* semua barang-barang pengguna – seksyen 21 ASB 1967.

5. Kenderaan bermotor

* Make sure that the purchase price and HP terms in the contract are since agreed. Usually do not sign blank or unfinished agreement/ forms. * Dan sewabeli

* Seksyen 2 ASB 1967 menyatakan bahawa maksud harga sewabeli ialah harga penuh yang perlu dijelaskan dengan penyewa dalam bawah perjanjian sewabeli. Ia merangkumi wang pendahuluan, ansuran, dan jua faedah yang dikenakan. Selalunya ia akan melebihi harga tunai barang yang disewa. * Menentukan bahawa dan belian dan terma HORSEPOWER dalam perjanjian yang dipersetujui. * Gak usah menandatangani perjanjian atau borang kosong yang tidak komplit dengan teram-terma sewa beli.

2. Ensure that you can pay for the instalment payments right through the HP financing and pay your instalments on time. * Penyewa perlu memastikan bahawa penyewa mampu bayaran ansuran bagi tempoh pembiayaan HEWLETT PACKARD dan melunasi ansuran kamu tepat dalam masanya. 2. Sekiranya gak bayar...

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