Detecting Media Bias

 Detecting Media Bias Study Paper

Cameron j. Barr


Detecting Multimedia Bias

May 19, 2013

Just for this assignment, I actually used Yahoo as my search engine to come across an article that tells about the IRS . GOV current tea party scandal and how Barrack Obama can be not concerning it. The article was not clear, for me, because it did not give me a total view or perhaps enough information in what exactly is going on. I had to look anywhere else to figure out what actually this scandal is. Nevertheless , the article was accurate mainly because some of the reality where throughout multiple websites that I experienced. The article can be described as mixture of opinion and fact. The article declares that Obama did not have anything to do with this, yet this is an opinion since it has but to be confirmed if he did or perhaps did not. There was also a great deal facts that are being ignored, such as what exactly is the scandal and is the scandal true. I feel that an article that is certainly defending the president ought to state and make it clear what actually they are guarding him coming from. There were not any other potential or worldviews in this account. It gave a single viewpoint, saying that Obama knew nothing at all about the scandal until it finally broke news. Throughout the article senior mechanic, Dan Pfeiffer, is protecting Obama and states how something like this is inexcusable and should not happen again. There are sketchy assumption that had been presented from this story. For instance , in the content it declares the Sen. Rand Paul suggest that there was a crafted policy to focus on conservative groups opposing the president, but when asked and pressed regarding it he cannot provide any kind of details. As well, I i am still within the assumption alternatively or not our leader knew about what was going on. I feel that this article can be different for the television rather than reading a peice online. Simply by watching this on television Let me get a better understanding of what is going on as they are more likely to emphasize it more. I think the very best source to know a document like this...

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