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Bang! The deafening huge increase was just a couple of metres to their rear. Both Lightning and Mater could not consider how the competition of the 100 years could become a battle scene in just one particular press on the monitor. Lightning appeared behind him using the completely new side mirror that he previously just been given by his pit team. The thugs were concluding in about them fast. The thugs were both using machine weapons and grenades, whereas almost all Lightning and Mater acquired were velocity and a rope. Yet speed was the least thing that would be useful during this face. All this was happening because of one egotistical loser on the other hand of the world who thought that the sole car which will win the race ought to be him. The moment he had discovered that his biggest competitor and victor of all past races was competing against him, he previously decided undoubtedly that the adversary had to be slain or in cases like this blown to bits. This kind of loser was McQueen's old friend The King. Nevertheless Mater, otherwise known as the fool, had additional ideas. The actual two thugs behind him didn't find out was that Mater was a so-called international criminal who had kept the lives of a huge selection of other racing enthusiasts just a few several weeks ago. About a minute he had recently been the chief of Lightning McQueen's pit staff, and the next an American spy. All this acquired happened due to a strange purpose; a real traveler being defeated up by a different team of thugs and forced to implant a microchip that contain a criminal organizations decide to blow up every single racer who took portion in the World Grand Prix(WGP) in to Mater's bottom. After the secret agent mission Mater was provided with just a few devices to keep him innocuous in the foreseeable future; and those few gadgets weren't enough to escape from the two thugs plus the several other folks behind them. The very first thing Mater do was discharge the petrol from his tank, the two thugs had been completely captured by surprise and couldn't get the grip to show away from the petrol and ended up being sliding metres away ahead of descending in the deep darker cold marine...

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