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 Courage Article

Amelia McNallen


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Due Drive 7, 2014

Nelson Mandela when said " I found that courage had not been the a shortage of fear, however the triumph over this. The brave man is not this individual who does not feel afraid, but this individual who conquers that dread. ” Harper Lee, mcdougal of To Kill a Mockingbird, uses characters to show off courage frequently throughout the book. It's of a white daddy defending a black gentleman in the hurtful town of Macomb, The state of alabama, in the 1930's. I found a number of examples of courage for each personality that stood out to me personally most. Atticus, Scout, and Boo Radley. First, a brave, diligent, single mother or father, Atticus Finch. He initially shows courage when he locations a angry dog to safeguard his friends and family when he have not touched that gun in more than thirty years. One more character in the story, Miss Maudie, clarifies " Perhaps he deposit his firearm when he reilized god provided him an unfair advantage over many living things... ” Another courages thing Atticus does, can be standing up to get whats right even though he knows you will see consequences. This individual shows this kind of by defending Tom Johnson, a black man, in court. When ever Atticus is explainging to his kids why this individual chose to guard him, he admits that "... Ben Robinson's circumstance, is something that goes to the essance of any mans consience- Scout, My spouse and i couldnt head to church and worship goodness if I couldnt try and help that man. ” Lastley, Atticus displays courage by raising his children to be non-biest, and teaching those to grow up treating everybody equilly. " Why affordable people get mad when ever involving a negro is usually something I dont imagine to understand. ” Atticus points out this to his kids, Jem and Scout. All in all, these illustrations prove, atticus can certinly be courages. The second figure whos nobel courage was out to me personally, was Scout, Atyticus girl. The first time she shows bravery, is when ever she decides not to battle one of her classmates following being made entertaining of, mainly because Atticus tells her to fight with her head, not with her fists. " Scout's a cow—ward! ' ringing...

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