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Natural citation

Since 2001, judgments in the House of Lords, Happy Council, Courtroom of Charm and Management Court have been issued with neutral info. This system was extended to other parts in the High The courtroom in 2002. Judgments with neutral details are readily available on the British and Irish Legal Information Company website ( Neutral info identify judgments independently of any number of reports, and cite simply parties, year of wisdom, court an incident number. For instance , Rottman v MPC [2002] UKHL 20

identifies the 20th judgment in 2002 in the UK Home of Lords. UKHL is short for UK Home of Lords. EWHC and EWCA recognize the Britain and Wales High Court docket and Courtroom of Charm respectively. These kinds of abbreviations are generally followed by an abbreviation implying the court or division (e. g. Admin, Ch, Crim, Pat).

How to refer to a case

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If a neutral citation exists for a judgment, it should immediately follow the party names. In the event the judgment is reported in a law reviews series, follow the neutral quotation with the 'best report', which can be usually from your official Law Reports series (Appeals Cases - AC, Chancery - Ch, Family - Fam, Queen's Table - QB etc . ). The case of Rottman v MPC was reported in the Appeals Cases, so the quotation should be: • Rottman v MPC [2002] UKHL twenty, [2002] two AC 692.

This means that a report of the case and the judgment can be found in the 2002 volumes, volume 2, in the Law Studies series known as Appeals Circumstances, beginning for page 692. To cite a particular paragraph from the wisdom, add the paragraph quantity in rectangular brackets at the end of the citation: • Rottman v MPC [2002] UKHL 20, [2002] 2 AIR CONDITIONER 692 [58].

When a case is not reported in the Law Reports, the next best statement is the Weekly Law Information (e. g. [2002] a couple of WLR 1315), and then the All...

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