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п»їCapstone Project Proposal

Project Subject


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Bachelor of Science in Information Technology (BSIT) Program


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Capstone Job Proposal

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[your name]

Project Subject: (Write the name of the project).

Job Description:

(This should be a 50 percent page to a page thorough description of what exactly your Project is).

Project Rationale

(Two to three paragraphs stating the advantages of, and approval of, picking this Task. Who will gain and how is going to they benefit from this project (not which includes yourself)?

Personal/Professional Expectations

(Two to three sentences on everything you hope to gain from this task, both skillfully and personally. )

Project Goals

(List and explain the goals of your Job. This section should address, in detail, a description of the project, whatever you plan to do and exactly how you will obtain it. )


(Your project must also include a overview of the existing analysis on your theme and a discussion comparing this research to your project focus. The pitch should addresses how you intend to review the present literature, what sources you want to use (the Internet, publications, books, well-known magazines, and so forth ).


(A step-by-step analysis of how you intend to meet your goals, which include resources you should have, where you want to find them, and an estimated fb timeline of how lengthy each step will take. This is the key section of your proposal).


(Half a website to a webpage on how building your shed is to be assessed. Is your work going to evaluate it? How? Community analysis? What specifically will make building your project a success, equally to you also to others? )

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Capstone Project Tips and Steps


1 . After taking a several classes, pupils should begin seriously thinking about ideas for their Capstone Project, the last project for any degree applications. The Capstone is designed to be an excellent project to the students' (or other) business. 2 . To direct your thinking, ask the following questions:

What areas or problems am I many passionate about? В

What improvement needs to be built where I work?

What knowledge have I attained from the training I've considered at Aspen that may help me in producing my personal project? How could i apply this newly obtained knowledge and skills to the real world? В Will I manage to see my project through to setup or do i need to merely design a plan that may be implemented later? Who will benefit by my project? My company? Various other organization? В What assets are available in my experience in producing my task?

Will someone assist myself?

Who will assess my task? A stakeholder? My capstone advisor? В Can I produce the project within the desired timeframe?

What does the existing literary works say about my subject?

Tip: In the proposal writing, be sure to use the word " would" as opposed to the word " will. "

Capstone Method

Upon enrolling in the Capstone Course you'll certainly be assigned a capstone Advisor who will stay with you through the entire study course. Your instructor will be a select member of the ACLC teachers whose specialization has been decided to most strongly align with the Capstone Project interests. В

The Capstone process is usually comprised of two phases:

Phase 1

The first period is an oral demonstration of your Capstone Project it turned out...

Citations: In respect to Jones Able (1999), the...

In Able 's (1999) milestone text, we find evidence...

The hypothesis is usually supported by Baker 's (1999, p. 9) quote, " xxxxxxxx. "

Further excess weight is added to this argument when the author (Baker, 1999) argues that

Information gathered in personal interviews or perhaps by playing a loudspeaker should be succumbed the text since shown under:

... in talking with the CEO, Jane Doe (1999), it had been concluded that 70 percent of telecoms

We spoke to several employees. The case was identified as... (Johnson, et. al., 1999).

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