Is Betting Immoral?

 Is Wagering Immoral? Essay

In my traditions, the relatively money-orientated China culture, betting is nothing but daily entertainment, something to occupy yourselves with over the cup of tea or some rice wines with close friends, a must-do during friends and family get-togethers about Chinese Beginning of the year, or a entertaining activity the thing is going on within tree in a random park. That is our version of gambling, or Majhong, even as we call it.

However , in recent years, as the western world invaded Asia, more and more " casinos” or " pachinko slots” possess started mushrooming all over the country, and you often listen to news of individuals fighting, also resorting to killing, over clashes of money shed over wagering. It brings us to think hard about the morality of gambling. Sure, it is the personal freedom of your individual to decide on whether she or he wants to wager or not really, but if the government issue licenses to gambling venues?

From my own point of view, wagering is certainly not immoral, given that it does not become addictive. To start with, gambling locations are built about vast pieces of land that, normally, building companies would not lay eye on. It could bring large sums of tax towards the government, which could use it intended for other functions and construct useful features without having to question citizens for much more tax. Likewise, since these venues make a large amount of earnings already, there would be less problems when it comes to asking them to pay out tax, contrary to lots of various other businesses that find loopholes to go out of tax paying out. Second of all, should you come to consider it, gambling is just another kind of entertainment, which will keep people brains off all their work or perhaps stress for some time, and may basically reduce the number of people committing crimes on the streets because they have nothing else better to do. That may be, as long as the gamblers don't get hot in their heads and cause discord. Thirdly, even as can clearly see by gambling paradises such as Las Vegas, or the aspiring Macau, these kinds of gambling venues can actually enhance tourism...

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